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AESAN offers too short information

Very little has the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs in offering in its section of the AESAN (Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition) a well-developed, structured and detailed web page, where consumers can access and learn about aspects of nutrition and hygiene, current legislation, related studies and publications or access the various journals of the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition in a pleasant and easy way.

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Ten ideas to “camouflage” the fish in our recipes

I don't know about you, but every time I say that there is fish to eat, I start to see wrinkling noses and mouths contracting in disgust. But since I am very stubborn and I also know that it is a fundamental ingredient in the diet, I will give you ten ideas to “camouflage” the fish in our recipes that you can apply to both large and small.

Coconut cookies

In the afternoon or with coffee after lunch, we love to enjoy something sweet, we do not always do it naturally, because in the variety is the taste, and this is one of our preferences (we have too many), Coconut Cookies, but beware that they are a vice. The ingredients 250 grams of flour, 2 tablespoons of yeast, 100 grams of grated coconut, 100 grams of ointment butter, 100 grams of sugar, 2 tablespoons of vanilla sugar and 2 large eggs.

Curried fish and rice: easy recipe

Rice recipes are very common and abound in our favorite recipes. For today's food, taking advantage of the fact that I had some spices on hand, I decided to give a small twist to a typical rice and fish recipe. I always love to make a bit risky combinations that can surprise us and leave the usual flavors of a lifetime.

Mussel Sauce

We are not going to tell you the splendid food that they put on Christmas Day, we just want to let you know a different sauce for mussels, maybe some of you already know it, but for us it was a tasty novelty. It is very simple to make and manages to highlight the taste of mussels, giving it softness and consistency.

Some traditional New Year meals around the world

There is a popular saying that says "new year, new life", but if there is an occasion in which human beings tend to repeat traditions, it is, among others, the change of the year. Regardless of the calendar itself - since it responds to specific, somewhat capricious historical circumstances -, saying goodbye and starting a new year is an event that all cultures consider to be of utmost importance.

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From Sousa & Fils Brut Tradition

Recently we were talking Live to the Palate about how a Dutchman, Dirk Van Der Niepoort, made good wines in Portugal. Today we will talk about how a Portuguese, Erick De Sousa, does the same in France. That's right, M. De Sousa, at the head of his domain De Sousa & Fils, has become a man whose biodynamic methods do not go unnoticed in the Champagne area.

To make a fondue

We have really tasty fondues with which we delight our palate. From a fondue of tender meats in which very tasty sauces, fish, vegetables, chocolate with fruits, to the traditional cheese. The fondue is much more than a simple dish, with it we encourage the participation of our guests.

Quick Apple Pie Recipe

Today I bring you a dessert proposal for Christmas, which in addition to economic will be easy and quick to do. Come on, if they were shoes, they would meet the BBB rule, well, nice and cheap. This is a quick apple pie recipe. The difference with other cakes is that here we are going to work with the super puff pastry, we will also make them individual.

Spinach green risotto. Recipe

A very colorful way of eating spinach, which takes an interesting chromatic role in the intense green that rice acquires. The idea of ​​crushing brightly colored vegetables to prepare a risotto can also be used for a fuchsia rice with beet or an orange one with pumpkin. Green spinach risotto, a creative, fun and nutritious dish.

Edwin, an elegant and ecological juicer

Programmed obsolescence has me up to my nose. I still remember when most of the appliances lasted for years, and could be fixed with a bit of skill. Now, a washing machine does not last for ten years, and fixing it costs more than a new one. That's why designs like Edwin, an elegant and ecological juicer, are appreciated.

A roast chicken and seven recipes in which to take advantage of their leftovers the rest of the week

I love roast chicken, - I look like Carpanta - and although my favorite is the chicken you have on this paragraph, the recipe for roasted chicken in the oven made by my grandmother putting aromatic herbs between the meat and the skin of the chicken, I prepare it A thousand and one ways. The good thing is that in addition to being a great recipe, it generates many recipes for use, so with a roast chicken, we have seven recipes to take advantage of during the rest of the week.

Integral banana and chocolate cake. Recipe

I love having a homemade sponge cake at home for breakfast, but the truth is that some are more caloric than others and cannot be prepared continuously if we want to keep the line. That's why I like this recipe for whole-grain banana and chocolate sponge cake, because it has a small amount of butter and provides a small amount of fiber with the whole flour, but that yes, with an exquisite flavor thanks to the fruit and cocoa.

Fideutto Recipe

To all of us who like to cook, we know that it is a continuous exercise of imagination and improvisation. The same dish doesn't always work out the same, either because you don't have all the ingredients or because you have changed the order, the times or they are of a different quality. But sometimes you have to improvise so much that what we do is completely innovate the recipe.

Recipe for dulce de leche ice cream

It is time for ice cream and with the warmth of these dates to see who says no to homemade ice cream as rich as this dulce de leche. A delicious recipe for lovers of this sweet creampie that we now find in any supermarket. If you really like dulce de leche, you can add a little more to the recipe, although I consider that with the grams I have put the formula is fully balanced and we do not run risks of culinary disasters before the "danger" of making an ice cream at home.