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Remember gastronomic experiences with Evernote Food

A couple of days ago the launch of a new Evernote application was known for those of us who like to photograph what we eat, this is Evernote Food. For those who do not know Evernote, it must be said that it is an application that serves to annotate and organize many ideas, projects, links to review, sites, etc.

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Caramelized garlic cake: recipe for our summer dinners

This recipe for caramelized garlic pie is one of the best salty pies I've prepared. It is from Yotam Ottolenghi's gourmet vegetarian book and I assure you it is worth investing every minute it costs to prepare it. I served it at a dinner with friends and triumphed, so you know. In addition, you can prepare it in advance because it is delicious both freshly baked as if you do it before and after you heat it.

Scrambled eggs with salami on blinis

The blinis are very traditional pancakes or crepes in Russia where they are usually prepared with other typical products there such as salmon or caviar. Salami, meanwhile, is originally from Italy so with this scrambled with salami on blinis we will merge both gastronomic cultures. Ingredients: 13 eggs, 100 grams of thinly sliced ​​salami, 2 tablespoons of oil, 1 tablespoon of chopped chives, pepper and salt.

Smelly Potatoes

The potato is a multifaceted food when cooking, in addition to being a healthy ingredient, it is satisfactory for the palate of young and old, nobody resists before a plate of chips. When you try the Smelly Potatoes, you will incorporate them into your daily menu, for their quick preparation, low cost and good taste.

Eat healthy directly at the Palate: the light menu of the month (XIII)

Like every beginning of the month, we present to all those who want to eat healthier, our light menu of the month that includes proposals for each meal of the day and their recipes so that we can make them at home. The light menu of the month Although the indicated portions can be varied according to the needs and customs of each diner, our menu indicates quantities and preparations suitable for preparing a more nutritious daily diet with fewer calories.

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Curried beans. Recipe

It may seem complicated to try to cook something with just a can of cooked beans and a handful of raisins in the pantry and an apple and a piece of onion in the fridge. Well, as hard as it may seem, you can also find a tasty, healthy and cheap dish, you can not ask for more. Whether as an accompaniment or side dish, or as a first course, we do not have to wait to have the kitchen empty of anything edible to consider cooking these curried beans.

Gas stations, new gourmet stores?

The truth is that for years I associated the stores of the gas stations with the small bottles of Winss, and if anything with a chamois to clean the windows. Little by little, the thing got serious and they started selling more items, placing the packaged sandwich and the ice pack as undisputed stars of the ranking.

Cherry slush, easy recipe to combat heat (which does not need a refrigerator)

Cherry slush is one of those sweets that costs very little effort to prepare and is the perfect weapon to combat heat. This particular recipe is made from a base of frozen boneless cherries, which are crushed with a syrup and lemon juice. It does not require a refrigerator, a point in its favor, although it is necessary to have a powerful mixer that resists the hardness of frozen fruit.

O-Med, perfume your salads

A good oil is the essential touch for any salad, that is what the Granada family thinks of Granada, a long-time olive oil that has created a special oil for salads, where the quality of the oil is as important as the design. There are two varieties, O-Med and O-Med Selection, the first one is made with arbequina and the second with a selection of picual, hojiblanca and arbequina, a little more intense.

An agronomic study proposes new crops in Catalonia

The different national agriculture departments carry out agronomic studies continuously, helping the farmer to choose profitable crops, thus diversifying his business. A recent study called "Technical and economic evaluation of new crops, demanded by changing eating habits, in Catalan agricultural areas", promoted by the Rural World Foundation (FMR) in collaboration with the University of Lleida, has detected that due to changing the food habits of the Catalans, farmers have the opportunity to monetize five new crops, in different areas of Catalonia.

Cooking tips with Antonio Arrabal. Cook Book

I am sure that many of you know Antonio Arrabal for his time on the television program Top Chef, although this chef has a long career of more than 16 years of profession in various parts of the Spanish geography. Antonio has just published Antonio Arrabal's Kitchen Tricks, a book that is more than just a recipe book.

The Bulli apprentices of Lisa Abend

Much has been said about El Bulli, to such an extent that it can be examined from any angle and point of view, surely much more will be spoken even when El Bulli is no longer what it is now. Everyone talks about El Bulli, but above all the chefs who have passed as mere apprentices through their kitchen, but I think I am not mistaken with the book The Sorcerer's Apprentices: A Season in the Kitchen of El Bulli by Ferran Adrià by Lisa Abend promises to bring us the best restaurant in the world from a totally new point.

The beach bars of our beaches

They are the livelihood of many families during the winter, they are the place where thousands of workers work during the summer, from the time he leaves alone to beyond the sunset. For vacationers it is the place to replenish energies of the exhausting beach or simply the place to go chat for a while next to a ration and a cool cane.

Electric salt and pepper grinders with light

Salt and pepper are basic and indispensable condiments in every kitchen, with globalization and the Internet we increasingly know and have access to all kinds of products that we did not know and to utensils that facilitate the elaboration of our dishes. Here we had already referred you to some great electric grinders for pepper and other species, the innovation of which I now present is that at the same time that it is grinding them, a small beam of light will illuminate the dish that is spicing up so We will always see clearly the exact amount of salt or pepper we want to add.

La Viblia restaurant in Barcelona, ​​good Mediterranean cuisine facing the sea

The La Vibilia restaurant in Barcelona offers good Mediterranean cuisine facing the sea, as it is located in an exceptional enclave, just under the Hotel W, the large steel and glass sail that stands at the far end of the dike that protects the port of the city. Thus, after strolling through the neighborhood of La Barceloneta, perhaps along the beach of the same name or surrounding the port, we arrive at a large high plaza that dominates the entire Mediterranean.