Squares of rice paper stuffed with prawns and sea lettuce. Recipe

Today they have abducted me, warning me in advance, to go to Ikea to redecorate my life, that of my house and almost that of the whole neighborhood. But as it was a rapture with notice, it gave me time to make a square recipe of rice paper stuffed with shrimp and sea lettuce. With the holidays I had lost the habit of making an Asian recipe a week, but thanks to the seafood oil I was able to reuse the prawns.

The Confidential and Weblogs will jointly market their advertising

The Confidential and Weblogs have agreed on the creation of CM Nativos, a company that will be in charge of the commercialization of the display and branded content advertising offer of both groups and that will begin to operate in the market on January 1, 2017. 50% owned by each of the groups, the new marketer will be born adding the 11M of unique users of Weblogs and the 10M of unique users of El Confidencial, according to Comscore Spain multiplatform data of October 2016, and will have more than one billion monthly advertising impressions .

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Would you like to prepare and bake bread as before? Mirko Ihrig has the solution

Mine with this flirty wood oven was love at first sight. Yes, I confess, it seems like a cucada and I can not help checking my kitchen looking for, without luck, a corner where to place it And you? Would you like to prepare and bake bread as before? Mirko Ihrig has the solution. I do not know if you have ever tried to make bread, I assure you it is a very rewarding activity.

Bobble, water bottle with filter. We tried it

Two years ago - how time goes by - Bobble introduced you, a bottle with a built-in filter that had just been marketed in the United States. In Spain, I also have been in stores for a while, and taking advantage of the fact that during my visit to Alimentaria 2012 they offered me one, I have been testing it these days to let you know my impressions.

The Week Live on the palate | February 12-18

This week it seems that none of us have had breakfast, but if we have left you interesting entrees such as the au gratin with figs or great salads, namely, Escarole salad with lemon trout or Bean salad with duck foie. For the second, without a doubt, this week we have eaten mostly chicken: Chicken with beer, Chicken tarragon stew and Chicken breasts in sweet and sour sauce without giving up some great chickpeas (Humus), some rich Artichokes stuffed with foie , a Potatoes battered in wine and a tender Wheat with marinated tenderloin.

Typical Catalan espardeña. Recipe

For those who do not know, I would have to explain that espardeña, in Catalan, is the name that is given a type of espadrille made with esparto and cloth, sometimes they have long strips to surround and annular in the ankle and calves. Perhaps because of their similarity to each other, the espadrille sole of the espadrille and a toasted bread of pagés, is why the typical Catalan espardeña has been given the name.

Can the "best gin in the world" really cost only 11 euros?

We have become accustomed to the fact that cheap is expensive and sometimes we don't trust products that reduce costs without losing quality. Do you remember the hordes of customers who leave the shelves empty when the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) launches some of its studies and comparisons between products?

Traditional Cordovan Salmorejo Recipe

When I visited Córdoba a few weeks ago, taking a tour of its gastronomy, I had the honor of being appointed ambassador of the Brotherhood of Salmorejo and I could not pass up that honor without telling you how to make the recipe for traditional Cordovan salmorejo, a cold soup with which I am always very happy, especially on hot spring and summer days.

Cinnamon Kulfi Recipe

A while ago I made my first kulfi, the experience was very good and when I have seen this recipe for cinnamon kulfi to Gordon Ramsay I have not thought twice, hands on work, casserole, milk and cinnamon in progress with a great result . Kulfi is nothing more than an Indian dessert based on flavored milk to which chopped nuts are usually added, although in today's recipe it is only milk and cinnamon.

Stuffed Mushroom Recipe

Although I confess that the recipe that I like most about mushrooms, are mushrooms with garlic, I also have to say it is boring to eat them always in the same way so this time I have invited a mushroom recipe stuffed with bechamel, ham and onion. I just hope you like it as much as I do.

How to properly organize and make the shopping list

When the issue of weekly shopping, menu planning and similar issues arises, almost all my friends tell me that the shopping list is what costs them the most and that they often go to the supermarket and begin to walk the aisles without Have an idea about what they are going to look for, or what products to include in your purchase.

What is salicornia? Features and uses in the kitchen

Salicornia is a fleshy or succulent plant that is also known by other names such as St. Peter's plant, sea asparagus or salted herb. By biting the small horns or twigs that form the plant, an intense salt flavor is perceived. It is a halophilic plant, which grows in areas where salt water is concentrated, among others the salt.

Visit to the Museum of History of Tenerife. Packaging and products of almost a century.

Last weekend I visited the Museum of History of Tenerife (very poor in general, by the way, if you allow me this review that has nothing to do with cooking) and I was surprised to see an area specially dedicated to gastronomic products of the that today I bring you some photos that surely if you are like me and you collect curious containers are original to you, what I wonder is if what seems to be inside will be the original product (I hope not).

Gorgonzola, for blue cheese lovers

Gorgonzola is perhaps the best known blue cheese in Italy, with an intense flavor that combines very well in pasta sauces. At first it is a cheese that was made only in the small town of Gorgonzola, near Milan. Today it is produced throughout Piedmont and Lombardy, with whole and pasteurized cow's milk.