Sanz Classic 2012 and Sanz Verdejo 2012, essence of Rueda

This week El Enófilo 2.0 wants to bring you closer to the oldest winery in the Rueda area to taste two of its emblematic white wines, Sanz Classic 2012 and Sanz Verdejo 2012. I will do the tasting of both so that you can choose the most suitable to your tastes, or the one that best suits the dishes with which you are going to accompany it.

The Vinos Sanz winery was created in 1870 in the Valladolid town of La Seca by the Donatos family. They bet on the variety Verdejo that was the native of the area but that was very reviled at that time since they sent the red and claret wines. Six generations of members of this family later I can say that the risky bet has gone perfectly.

Classic Sanz Tasting 2012

It's about a coupage from Verdejo and Viura, a grape that in some areas of Spain is known as Macabeo. its color is a pale straw yellow, bright and clean.

In nose we clearly notice his youth, since he is from medium intensity. Notes of green apple and pear appear.

In the mouth we perceive a saline touch, since it is a dry wine. It is of medium passage, with a good balance between acidity and the strong alcoholic component. We found a touch of fruits with bone such as passion fruit and peach.

This wine will go perfectly to any fish or seafood stew, such as clams in green sauce, and a good rice band.

Tasting of Sanz Verdejo 2012

As we can guess by the name of the wine it is a monojorietal Verdejo. For its elaboration, a vintage by hand selecting the best clusters from the winery's own vineyard.

Have a golden yellow color with greenish touches, very common in this grape variety. It is clean and bright.

In the nose we found a lot of intensity at white and tropical fruits, as well as dried apricots. We also perceive shades of white flowers. It is complex and fun.

In the mouth a saline touch similar to what we saw in his brother Sanz Classic appears, although the Verdejo is cooler, more fruity, and longer and tastier.

Me ideal pairing for this wine it would be a golden oven, grilled shrimp, or a young cheese.

It never hurts to approach the wine areas of our country to witness live how the wines are made and be able to taste them on the verge of where the vines that generated them are planted.

They tell us that Sanz wines is devising the construction of a new winery more modern and adapted to the tastes of today. We assume that they will bet on wine tourism. There will be no more excuses to get lost in this beautiful corner of Valladolid.

Health, and to taste.

Sanz Classic 2012

White wine 2012 Coupage 70% Verdejo and 30% Viura Bodega Vinos Sanz. Wheel. Valladolid D.O. Wheel 13% Approximate PVP alcohol volume: less than 5 euros

Sanz Verdejo 2012

White wine Add 2012 100% Verdejo Bodega Vinos Sanz. Wheel. Valladolid D.O. Wheel 13% Approximate PVP alcohol volume: just over 5 euros

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