How to organize your kitchen so that everything is more collected and at hand

Although in general we usually talk about how to cook and how to make better use of food, know how to organize your kitchen so that everything is more collected and at hand It is also an important issue, so today we will give you some practical advice on the subject.

In today's kitchens we have no space left over and at the same time, we have more and more kitchen utensils and accessories so knowing how to organize and how to pick up can come in handy, so that our workplace with food does not become a lion.

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How to organize your kitchen so that everything is more collected

When it comes to organizing the kitchen, it is important to have the most important things at hand and keep things that we do not use. As much as we like to see them, if for example we do not use the siphon of foams or the torch, it is best to keep them leaving free space for the things we use most every day.

As well we must remove from the circulation those dishes that were given to us and we never use or those glasses that always hinder us when we look for a glass, or the cups of consommé that we use only twice a year. All this, obviously, they are examples, since everyone knows better than anyone what they use most and what they don't use in their kitchen.

An orderly pantry

To find the ingredients that we will use in our recipes, it is essential to have the pantry organized. The most practical thing is to use airtight jars and jars to store rice, coffee, flour, sugar, legumes -beans, chickpeas, beans-, breadcrumbs, noodles, etc., so that they are kept in perfect condition and occupy as little as possible. You can find retro-style cans to store food, or if you prefer, you can also use good-sized jars or jars to store products.

On the other hand, some boxes to store small products, such as condiments and spices, are very good for us not to have them hanging around, and when we are going to use them, by taking out the box, we have them all at hand.

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All rolls ready to use

The paper roll, kitchen film and aluminum foilThey are elements that we use often and often occupy a lot of space on the countertop or in one of the few drawers in the kitchen. That is why it is very comfortable to have them on hand in an organizer that we can hang on the wall for when we are going to need them.

Cutlery and kitchen knives, always ordered

When I am away from home, for example on vacation, I find it difficult to locate kitchen knives, often mixed with other cutlery, placed in one or two drawers and scrambled with other utensils like the corkscrew, the bottle opener or the can opener. For knives, the most practical and least occupying is a good wall magnet, where we will have all the knives in sight.

It is also practical to use a good wooden block where you have them ordered, especially If you are going to buy new knives, this tool can be useful. There are many types, being very practical the block that allows you to put all kinds of knives of any size between its fibers that costs only 19.89 euros.

As for cutlery, beyond the cheap organizers where hand out knives, forks, spoons and teaspoonsIt is preferable to choose a good, expandable organizer, in which we can fit all kinds of serving spoons, other accessories, in addition to, obviously, the usual cutlery.

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The kitchen cabinets fully exploited

In addition to placing all our pots and utensils well on the different shelves of the cabinets, We can use your space very well if we also use the doors with hangers and organizers.

For example under the sink, we can store jars of cleaning products, scourers and cloths, but everything will be more at hand if we use one of these organizers hanging from the door. So we will have more room to put our garbage cans to recycle or to store other objects using an organizer like this.

As for the cabinets, with these step-shaped extra shelves we can double the storage capacity without complicating much when we store the different pots, plates or pots, making better use of the available space.

With these tips so you know how to organize your kitchen so that everything is more collected and at hand, you will have a little more space available and you will find the time you spend cooking more pleasant, without having to stir everything or waste time to find an ingredient or a practical utensil.

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