Amazon Prime Day 2019: the best deals on robots and kitchenware

Amazon celebrates one more year of the most anticipated events of electronic commerce worldwide, the Amazon Prime Day that this 2019 brings us many offers that we can take advantage of to renew our kitchen or give us a whim. Discounts will be happening throughout today day 15 and tomorrow July 16, with limited promotions that will be seen and not seen.

We help you get the most out of Prime Day by selecting the best deals on robots and kitchenware of all kinds among which you will surely find very juicy opportunities. Remember that in order to take advantage of these discounts, enjoy free shipping and access to other advantages, you need to subscribe to the Amazon Prime service, available during a free 30-day trial period.

Offers constantly updated.

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Kitchen robots

  • The last major incorporation to Taurus robots, the Mycook TouchIt has a touch screen, Wi-Fi connection, induction cooker with a temperature range of 40 to 140ºC, it has 10 speeds and four special functions to cook practically any dish. It includes many accessories and is priced at 899 euros 595.00 euros, the lowest we have found so far.

  • Another kitchen robot with many followers is the Moulinex i-Companion that we have now very low in its model with Bluetooth connection. It has three programs, six accessories, kitchen with capacity for six people and includes a chopper blade, mixer, mixer, mixer, crusher and steam basket. With the offer we can get it at 599.99 euros 569.00 euros.

  • In an earlier version, without connectivity but with practically the same benefits in terms of cooking capacity, we have the robot Moulinex Cuisine Companion only 529 euros. 399.99 euros, with a large reduction in its original launch price.

  • Very appealing is also the reduction that the robot has Kenwood KCook Multi, to 494.17 euros 379.00 euros. With capacity for 4.5 liters and a steam tray of up to 7 liters; allows cooking from 30º C to 180º C, with the possibility of stir-frying and frying, programmable up to 8 hours.

  • The star of the slow cookers, the 5.7-liter crock-pot, it has capacity for dishes of up to 6 people, two levels of power, automatic function to keep warm and a glass lid suitable for dishwashers. Its price is only 75 euros 52.99 euros.

  • We also have reduced to 84.99 euros 71.90 euros this other Crock-Pot, 5 liters, in white color and with DuraCeramic coating, which also includes a function to saute over any kitchen fire before programming slow cooking.

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  • The robot Aigostar Happy Chef multifunction It acts like 7 devices in one, with 15 automatic functions and the option to control the temperature, speed, time and cooking mode. It can also be programmed in advance and allows you to keep food warm once you have finished cooking. We have it on offer for 121.99 euros 76.29 euros.

  • Still something unknown in Spain, but that every year triumphs completely in the United States, we get the Instant pot, until recently nothing easy to get. He has a huge legion of fans who consider him the ultimate kitchen robot, and now we can check his virtues in an offer flash only 129.00 euros 79 euros.

Kneading Mixers

  • The great Kenwood kMix It will delight any passionate pastry and masses. With its 5-liter stainless steel bowl, a powerful engine and all the accessories included, it is perfect for testing pastry and bread skills. It stays at 429.00 euros 239.90 euros.

  • Another great model is the kneader AEG KM5220 in a colorful red color, now at a price of 417.17 euros 349.00 euros for a very limited time. With two metal containers, one of 2.9 liters and another larger of 4.8 liters, 10 speeds, 1200W of power and all the usual accessories and rods of this type of mixers specific for doughs.

  • Cheaper we have this model of kneader mixer AEG KM4100 1000 W of power, 10 speed and in a beautiful white color, with a splash guard, two bowls of different sizes (4.8 and 2.9 liters) and different rods. It stays at 343 euros 229.00 euros.

  • Fans of MasterChef sure are familiar with the style of Bosch CreationLine robot. Of great power, capable of whipping and kneading doughs of up to 1 kilo with more ingredients, it incorporates all kinds of essential accessories for pastry and doughs, including three discs for grating, cutting and chopping, as well as blender jar, becoming a whole kitchen robot We have it in limited offer now for 238.82 euros 199.99 euros.

Hand blenders

  • Basic and essential set of Bosch arm blender 12-speed, with universal chopper with ice pick blade, blender rod and graduated mixing vessel. Essential in any kitchen, it costs € 51.99 € 36.99.

  • If we are only interested in the arm mixer, this is Haeger Extreme It is a good investment, with high quality materials and ergonomic design, with titanium coated blades and an easy removable system to clean and store. It stays at 25.90 euros 19 euros.

  • A minipimer of all the life but that also incorporates four accessories is the Braun Minipimer 9045 for only 113.12 euros 89.00 euros, with Active Blade technology and 1000 W of power.

Glass and multifunction blenders

  • Great American style blender, this model Philips Advance HR3653 / 00 shreds and at 35,000 revolutions per minute with ProBlend 6 3D technology and a two-liter jug. Its price stays at 139 euros 89.00 euros.

  • For smoothies, smoothies, chopping ice, grinding coffee, mincing meat, nuts or grinding almost anything we have this Deik glass blender for 36.99 euros 24.99 euros. It comes with two 570 ml portable bottles and a 300 ml chopper glass.

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  • The AEG Compact 7 glass blenderWith a take-away bottle, coolant tube, thermal cap and multiplier, it allows you to prepare the shakes directly in the portable bottle. It has a great discount, staying at 174.94 euros 89.99 euros.

  • Another good model is that of the Oster BVLB07-ES Classic blender, a brand with solera in the American type blender sector. With 600W of power, 1.25 liter glass, very quiet and three speed levels, we can have it for 99.99 euros 59.00 euros.

  • In Flash offer we have the Solac blender 800 W of power, with body, blades and foot in high quality stainless steel. With speed selector with LED lues and turbo speed, including the classic measuring cup. We have it at 24.99 euros 18.90 euros.

Small and medium appliance

  • To encourage you to prepare your own bread at home, a bakery like the Moulinex Maxichef Advance It can be a great help. With 45 automatic programs, capacity for 5 liters and various accessories such as a steam basket, it includes a recipe that also comes with gluten-free options, it stays at 82.99 euros 73.99 euros.

  • To eat healthy without giving up the fried -and save us the inconvenience of frying inside the house-, we have the Tefal Actifry, a 2-in-1 oil-free fryer with two cooking zones, MyActiFry application for smartphones and tablets and LCD screen to control cooking. It stays at 199 euros 175 euros.

  • The microwave is also used for cooking and a model like this Candy CMXG microwave with grill and cook in app It proves it. It comes with 40 automatic cooking programs, an exclusive application that guides you and gives advice to take advantage of it, and has an internal capacity of 25 liters. We have it in limited offer for 112.85 euros. 79.43 euros.

  • A somewhat higher model is the microwave Severin MW7 7848, which works as a 3-in-1 appliance with grill and convection functions, for roasting, defrosting, baking or heating food; With 4 power levels and timer setting with integrated warning signal, including 10 automatic cooking programs. With the discount we have it at 186.25 euros 134.90 euros.

  • The Severin Partygrill raclette It has capacity for eight people at the same time, also includes an easy-to-clean natural stone surface and a reversible plate for cooking meats, vegetables or mini pancakes at the same time as the cheese melts. Its price stays at 48.75 euros 38.90 euros.

Coffee makers

  • A good coffee lover will find no comparison in super-automatic machines. Is De'Longhi coffee maker With 15 bars of pressure, milk frother for cappuccinos and lattes, LCD screen and adjustable cleaning system is undoubtedly a great investment, which comes out for 377.92 euros 299.00 euros.

  • In a more limited offer we have another great super-automatic machine, the Philips 5000 Series which allows you to prepare six different drinks at the press of the corresponding button, including preparations with milk thanks to the built-in foam system. Customize settings such as grind thickness, volume or temperature. With the special promotion we have it for 599.00 euros 399.00 euros.

  • Of course, there are those who still enjoy more with an Italian espresso machine, such as De'Longhi ECP35.31. In black and silver, with 1 liter capacity in the tank and suitable for ground coffee or pods, it allows you to prepare two cups at a time and now costs 139 euros 99.90 euros.

  • If we prefer the comfort of single dose capsules, we have the Nespresso De'Longhi Lattissima, with compact milk tank, 19 pressure bars, automatic shutdown and touch control with beverage customization. It stays at 219 euros 149 euros.

Cookware and pots

  • Who needs to completely renew their kitchen battery, can take advantage of this offer of five pieces WMF Provence Plus, patented 18/10 chromargan stainless steel, suitable for all types of fires with glass covers. The offer is active for a limited time and stays at 116.92 euros 84.99 euros.

  • To aim even higher in our fires we have this other WMF Function 4 battery, with a discount also available for a very limited time, which leaves us at 449 euros 229.99 euros. Four excellent pieces of high quality dishwasher safe, heat and acid resistant, with TransTherm base that transmits heat better and saves energy, and covers with silicone rim and four positions that allow from completely close to pouring the liquid with the lid on.

  • Do you need a pressure cooker? The Tefal Clipso Minut Easy, It may be a good choice. It is a 6-liter model, with 5 safety systems, timer, easy open system and steam basket, we have it for a limited time at 125.39 euros 79.99 euros.

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  • If we want something even more professional finish we have the WMF Perfect Plus, a 6.5-liter pressure cooker set for cooking for 5-6 people and another 3-liter container for fewer servings. It allows cooking at two pressure levels and the material is a very resistant WMF patented alloy. The offer leaves us this set for 174.28 euros 131.99 euros.

Other utensils and accessories

  • With very good user reviews we have this handy Sedhoom manual vegetable cutter, only 16.99 euros 10.19 euros. With five stainless steel blades, container of up to 1 liter of capacity and fully manual operation, without the need to connect it to the current or batteries or batteries of any kind.

  • The kettle is a little forgotten in our country, but when you have one you quickly take advantage of it. We have this Kettle Aigostar Chubby for 24.99 euros 16.99 euros, with high quality glass body, 1.7 liters capacity, blue LED lighting and cold touch handle.

  • A good knife is always essential in any kitchen. Now we have this Deik Damascus Professional knife, VG10 steel, precision edge, ergonomic and multifunctional handle, at 35.99 euros 23.99 euros. It measures 20 cm and comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • To save a lot of time and complications the microwave is a good ally for cooking. We can even prepare pasta easily with accessories such as Quick Pasta de Lékué, which allows to prepare up to four portions in just 10 minutes. We have it on offer at 19.96 euros 16.90 euros.

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