Homemade food on the beach, how to keep it fresh and enjoy it more

One of the pleasures of summer is a day at the beach, alternating the walks along the shore with the bathrooms, visits to the beach bar and good times for family talk. In case you are going to spend the whole day by the sea, we give you our tips for a Homemade food on the beach, how to keep it fresh and enjoy it more.

The first and most important thing is to select which dishes we are going to take to the beach. It is important keep in mind that some ingredients like mayonnaise-which we like in summer in recipes such as Russian salad-, or eggs and potato tortillas, they are not good choices to take to the beach and we must choose to eat them at home, due to the risk of spoilage or be a farm field for salmonella bacteria or other food problems.

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Homemade food on the beach, how to keep it fresh and enjoy it more

Our suggestions of dishes to take to the beach, because they cool well and hold well for a few hours in portable refrigerators and other accessories to eat well outdoors, they will go with the sauces served separately, at the time of eating, and they will be foods that, as far as possible, better withstand the high temperatures of summer.

Cold soups, salads, sandwiches and sandwiches, fruits and soft drinks will be perfect to take along by the sea in good portable refrigerators, thermos and lunch boxes, that assure us that we can eat well outside the house, keeping food fresh and ready for when we feel like eating.

Cold soups to drink on the beach

Both the traditional Andalusian gazpacho and the Salmorejo Cordoba or the porque antequerana or the ajoblanco malagueño They are perfect to take to the beach, since they refresh us, they give us liquid and also they are not heavy. Another cold soup is also ideal, the vichyssoise made with leek, which is a satiating and light food at the same time.

For take them to the beach and keep them fresh until serving time, we recommend the large capacity thermos like this one of 1.2 liters, perfect to serve up to six glasses of these soups, keeping them very cold for hours.

Snacks and sandwiches to go

The Sandwiches and sandwiches are excellent options for eating on the beach, with the proviso that the bread will not be as appetizing and crispy at the time of packing our sandwiches as when opened by the sea. A good solution can be to carry the fillings prepared in zip bags or in tuppers or tarteras like those of Lekué, perfect for that function, and buy the recent bread in the bakery, making the sandwiches at the moment we are going to eat them.

Here we recommend up to 21 sandwiches and sandwiches that you could take to the beach if you fancy eating sandwich. To take them to the beach, you can use the sandwich holder covers that extend and serve as a tablecloth, which are comfortable and practical.

Salads and other vegetable recipes

The salads are great because they are refreshing, and they give us a lot of liquid, lots of vitamins and fiber, having satiating effect. Our advice if you want to eat salads on the beach is that you prepare them at the moment. If you bring tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and other fresh vegetables in a beach fridge like this, you can cut the different portions and make a good salad, dressing it at the moment so that the ingredients do not get adjusted.

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If you are going to take a tour by car until you reach the coast, you can also use These portable refrigerators that connect to the lighter of the vehicle and keep food refrigerated like a conventional refrigerator ensuring that everything will be cooler when you reach the beach.

Empanadas and similar

The Empanadas are excellent options because we will enjoy them at room temperature and they will provide us with the dough hydrates and filling proteins. Whether you opt for the delicious meat empanada or if you choose the classic empanadas with tuna or any other variety such as the Galician sardinillas empanada, surely you will be very attractive when you leave the bathroom and exercise with the waves.

As they are good without having to take them refrigerated, it is worth keeping them fresh so that they do not ferment and are in optimal condition when we are going to eat them. In my family, we usually leave them for that reason for snack time. To eat them comfortably, We can use a peculiar fridge that transforms into a table where we can serve the different portions, sitting in the matching chairs.

On the other hand, if we want a crockery to serve all these foods, it is best to use the complete washable melamine collections that we can rinse at the moment and wash comfortably in the dishwasher when we get home. They also include plates, glasses and even cups for coffee, which we can take in another thermo if we feel like it.

Drinks and fruits to freshen up

A Classic to eat on the beach is the watermelon portion, very rich in water that you always want. Also, while the season lasts, cherries and pillory suits us very well. As well the natural pineapple It is an excellent option for summer.

As for the drinks, nothing more refreshing than the classic sangria, the rebujito, or the homemade lemonades in any of its varieties. Of course, It will also be good for us to have several bottles of mineral water to refresh ourselves throughout the day or a large canteen that keeps it fresh.

If you carry a good fridge for drinks and fruits, with its broad base with one or two bags of ice and leave it in the shade, you can have cold drinks and summer fruits for a few hours.

With All these ideas and the most appropriate equipment, you can enjoy a good homemade meal on the beach, knowing how to keep it fresh and ready for when you want to use it. The important thing is to have fun and share a good day at the beach with the people you love most, tasting the food in perfect condition and in good company.

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