13 desserts with which you can finish your Mercadona meal after going through its "Ready to Eat"

Mercadona's last big bet, the "Ready to Eat" service of food prepared at the moment, continues to be implemented throughout centers throughout Spain. There are already many customers - or just hungry visitors - who can change the menu of the day for the dishes of the chain, but there is something that many could miss: a dessert to crown food.

We know that dessert is not essential and that the best option will always be natural fruit, but we are also human and there are times when it is difficult to resist eating something sweet. Mercadona, like all supermarket chains, can be criticized for many things, but nobody can deny that many of their products are a success, some very healthy, and some something else sinful.

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There is nothing more to ask around to see that many colleagues, friends and acquaintances recognize their passion for the sweetest side of the Valencian company. If we already admit that we love going to Ikea just to buy food, today we confess what they are some of our favorite Mercadona desserts, those that solve a craving for sweet at the moment without further complications.

The best Mercadona desserts to complete a take-out menu

The Ready-to-Eat offer is very much compared to buffets, typical take-away services or even the offer of a lifetime bar day menu. That is why dessert must live up to the circumstances, that is, nothing especially pompous or complicated to eat.

The advantage of taking prepared food is that it can be taken directly in the center or taken to the office or wherever we want to eat it. While they prepare your order You can continue shopping, a good time to take advantage and take the dessert, always thinking that it is easy to eat on the go.

Therefore we discard the elaborate sweets like pies and cakes, and, much to our dismay, also ice cream and other frozen products, not offering the sale in individual format. Taking as reference the most typical desserts of a menu of the day, the yogurt and dairy section will be our sweet mine.

It goes without saying that there is always the possibility of go through the fruit shop section and take us one or several pieces of our favorite fruits, although most force us to wash them first. But for those looking for one more dessert dessert, this is our selection.

Chocolate coulant

We start strong with what it is a whole temptation for the chocolatiers, a product that today competes with the brownie on the menu of all kinds of restaurants. The chocolate coulant of Mercadona conquers the most passionate of this dessert with its particular version, which comes in a package of two units and can be taken as is or heated. Ideal to share with your partner or take the second home.

Maria cheese flan

Among the range of chain flanns there is a variety that is named above the others, with a lot of difference: the cheese flan. The package announces that it has been prepared in the water bath, as in the past, although that, in this type of products, is the least. It is great and the package allows us to share it in the office or take the opportunity to replenish the refrigerator reservations.

Rice pudding

One of the desserts more ours and more controversial, because in each house a different form is made, has managed to earn a well-deserved gap in the Mercadona line. There are many lovers of rice with homemade milk that give an approval with note to the product of Hacendado. The ration is restrained so as not to get bogged down and stay satisfied, although they also have an extra large format for the more daring.


The most famous dessert in Italy has been perverted numerous times adopting forms and versions that are best forgotten, but Mercadona has many followers. I may have to see that the supplier is italian, but the case is that these cups of mascarpone, Genoese cake, coffee and cocoa are a tiramisu more than worthy for specific whims.

Blueberry Cheesecake

The frozen blueberry cheesecake is very popular at parties and meetings, but for a midweek meal in which we want to pay homage we can opt for a better individual cheesecake. With its cookie base, a good cream cheese and a generous layer of blueberries, it will meet the expectations of American dessert lovers.

Coffee and caramel panna cotta

More sweet than a yogurt, less pompous than other desserts, panna cotta is a good intermediate option For those looking to finish their meal in a more special way. Hacendado has in its offer two flavors, both highly recommended if we like this dessert of cooked cream. For those who do not appreciate the coffee flavor, they have the classic caramel.

Light yogurt pastry recipes

Do you fancy dessert but try to eat something lighter? Do you feel like candy but are you on a diet or controlling weight? Light yogurt from the Linnea V range allows you to calm those cravings with a product Low calorie imitating pastry flavors: stracciatella, cheesecake, lemon pie and apple pie. In Europe they have been with "yogurts" of this type for many years and the result may surprise you with a good result; all have less than 100 kcal per unit.

Cream pie (cream pie or cream pastes)

This little delight has a long tradition in Portugal but it is now when it has become fashionable in our country - and half the world. And when something comes to Mercadona, it has already reached its maximum levels of popularity, that is clear. It cannot match an artisan cream pie, but its quality is more than acceptable and It has the advantage that it can be purchased for 50g units. Perfect to accompany coffee after lunch.

72% extrafine dark chocolate mini tablets

Those who prefer a little chocolate with that desktop coffee, dark chocolate chocolates They are ideal for their comfortable format. The size is just enough to indulge without sinning in excess, and the rest of the bag can easily be taken back to work to share or to have at home. Despite being dark chocolate they are quite soft and even those who prefer varieties with milk will like them.


We will always defend the whole natural fruit, but for specific cases or eating on the go smoothies are an acceptable alternative that have the advantage of being taken anywhere. The 250 ml formats have more than enough to even finish it in the middle of the afternoon when the snack time approaches.

Fresh horchata

In Mercadona there are several formats of chufa horchata available, but our favorite is undoubtedly the fresh one. It is a sweet product and that is why we do not fool ourselves thinking that it is an alternative to water or a soda to hydrate, that is why there are few who consider it a dessert with all of the law. Because it is refrigerated and offered in 250 ml glasses, it is ideal for a meal.

Dehydrated fruit

Halfway between snack and healthier dessert, the bags of dehydrated fruit are gaining more and more followers among those who seek to take care of themselves but face the craving for candy. We find mango, apple and pineapple, with no added sugar or other ingredients - except a preservative in the case of mango. It weighs little, does not require complicated preservation and can be eaten anywhere.

Natural coconut

We recommend again the option of going through the greengrocer section, but if we do not have the possibility to wash the fruit well or it bothers us to have to peel and cut it, the coconut chunk ready to eat It is a good resource to put the finishing touch to the food. It comes in 120 g containers, preserved in natural coconut water that is also worth drinking.

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