Are you one of those who take a shopping list to the supermarket? the question of the week

Today touches our Question of the week and this time it refers to our organization when buying, and they say that it is not good to go to the supermarket before having eaten because they increase the amount of food, often unnecessary, that we put in our cart and that to When paying, the account is triggered.

They are right, how many times have I left with a chocolate cake or a bag of a snack to go on an empty stomach. So I personally try to go to the supermarket after having eaten and without feeling hungry, and of course with a shopping list prepared beforehand at home to adjust as much as possible to what I need, and after having looked at the pantry to know what I have in it or not.

I would like to know if you organize before you go shopping, or on the contrary you go without an idea and buy on impulse in the store according to what you see as you circulate between the shelves. So this week I ask you:

Are you one of those who take a shopping list to the supermarket?

We want you to tell us your experience in this matter, but as always we would beg you to leave your comments Direct to the Palate Answers and not here.

Do you buy seafood for Christmas in advance? Last week's question

The Christmas holidays are approaching and many people see a great savings in their portfolio buying fresh products in advance. Last week I asked you if you bought fish and shellfish specifically before Christmas for being these some of the products in which its price skyrockets.

The comments have been varied, some buy before christmas, but nevertheless another one does not want fresh fish to be frozen because they believe that it loses flavor and texture, in the end the most valued response has been that of Franchessca, in it it tells us the following:

I have been doing it for years. Personally I find many advantages, from the convenience of shopping without haste or stress and having planned in advance what I need for the menu you are going to prepare, even a little more "just in case", to the advantage of buying with better prices than On closer dates, with less crowds and more peace of mind. It is something I do every year with greater conviction.

With this new Question of the week I leave you within seven days where we will ask another question. Until next week.

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