How to keep the bread so it is fresh and crispy for longer

We love bread and especially our homemade bread. But whether it's a good bread made by us or a good bread that we find in a tahona or a workshop, bread is a perishable food that dries quickly. Therefore, today we tell you how to keep the bread so that it is fresh and crispy for longer.

Where to store the bread, what to do with the bread we have left over, to know if the refrigerator is better or the room temperature, how to freeze bread and how to defrost it are some of the keys so that our bread does not dry out or get moldy.

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How to keep the bread so it is fresh and crispy for longer

Undoubtedly, it seems that the breads now do not last as fresh as before. The new types of flour, the accelerated fermentation, the electric ovens or in short, the worse quality of the bread make this moldy or get hard much sooner. That's why today we tell you what can you do to extend the life of your breads -whether homemade or purchased-.

When we buy or make bread, and once it is at room temperature, we have several options to keep it at home. We can leave it on the countertop, store it in a plastic bag, in a cloth bag or use a bread basket.

The goal is the same: keep the bread and protect it while maintaining adequate humidity. In that sense, Both paneras and cloth bags are the best options, followed by a paper bag that we can close or roll at its end. The plastic - in addition to less ecological - makes the bread leathery and loses its crunch in a very short time.

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Fridge or freezer?

Putting bread in the fridge is not a good option. Neither for the loaves of bread, nor for the loaves nor for the loaves of bread. It is true that the cold can extend the life of the bread, but it will change its texture a lot, since it will tend to dry out.

To keep the bread that we are not going to use, the freezer is a better option. To freeze the bread, we recommend you to cut the bread in comfortable portions or in slices, put them in a suitable container that closes tightly and take out the bread that we will need when we need it, so as not to have to take out the whole bar or a whole loaf.

Very important is to take into account defrosting times. In slices it will obviously defrost before. The best way to defrost is to take the bread out of the freezer and put it in the fridge for three hours and then leave it at room temperature. Do not defrost using the microwave or your bread will practically be as hard as if it had been dry for a few days.

How to reheat the bread to look freshly baked

For both the bread that has a few days and for the defrosted bread as we have indicated before, a brief pass through the oven is a good option. To do well, for a maximum of five minutes we can spray the bread with a sprayer or cover it with a damp cloth and put it in the preheated oven. So you can take temperature without losing a lot of moisture.

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How the toaster or oven can help us

A bread that already has a few days, is still very rich but no longer has the same crunchy texture. If it keeps moisture, it will be a bit more leathery. The solution is to cut a slice and toast it for a minute.. It will be perfect for accompanying snacks, preparing bruschettas or toasts, or for breakfast.

Further, if we have bread left over and we don't want to freeze it but we want to have it available, we can cut it into slices and toast them in the oven until they are very crispy, since the toasted bread, - without its humidity - is perfect to last a few days.

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