Isabel Tuna and Rice Salad Recipe

Now that it seems that the temperatures are being tempered, and that in some places the heat begins to be noticed, the salads that served as an accompaniment in the meals, become the main dish. As it is not a matter of being hungry, it is important to introduce ingredients that take out so that we are not hungry after a while of eating. This Isabel Tuna and Rice Salad Recipe It is just an example of delicious and complete salad.

The rice that I used to make this salad is basmati type. It is a very aromatic rice with fine and long grain, which I especially like for salads. You can also try other rice varieties that you like. Today there is a wide range in the aromatic rice market perfect for summer meals.

Ingredients for 4 people

  • 150 g of tuna in Isabel olive oil, 50 g of smoked salmon, 250 g of basmati rice, 150 g of sweet corn, 100 g of smoked salmon, 8 cooked prawns, black pepper, salt, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar Apple (optional).

How to make rice and tuna salad

We put the rice to soak an hour or two before cooking it, so it will not break during cooking and will be a little more loose. We cook it for about 20 minutes or so, drain it and let it cool while preparing the rest of the ingredients. This step can be done in advance to prepare the salad more quickly if we have little time at mealtime.

In a large salad bowl we toss the drained corn next to the tuna Isabel. Chop the smoked salmon, reserving a piece to garnish, and the prawns cooked in regular sized taquitos, toss them in the salad and add the whole rice. We make a vinaigrette with salt, oil and black pepper, which is delicious with smoked salmon.

Optionally, and if we like it, we can add some apple or mayonnaise vinegar. Once united and seasoned, cover with transparent film and refrigerate the salad for a few hours to take it fresh.

Processing time | 45 minutes Difficulty | Low


This Isabel Tuna and Rice Salad Recipe It is fantastic both to eat at home and to take to the office or the beach. It does not spoil the ingredients it contains, and although it is much better fresh, nothing happens even if we take it at room temperature.

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