There are already 46 people admitted to Andalusia due to the listeriosis outbreak in the meatloaf, four in the ICU

A total of 46 people remain admitted, four of them in the ICU, due to the outbreak of listeriosis caused by the consumption of shredded meat of the La Mechá brand, whose withdrawal was reported last Thursday by the Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía.

The Board has confirmed 71 cases for this outbreak, 57 in Seville, three in Malaga, five in Huelva, three in Granada and the remaining three in Cádiz, according to a statement from this department. All those hospitalized are in centers in Seville, 27 of them in the Virgen del Rocío hospital, one of them, in the ICU; five more in the Virgin Macarena; another five in Valme (one in the ICU); one more in the ICU of San Juan de Dios and eight in the Nisa Hospital (one in the ICU).

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When in doubt about the delay in withdrawal of this product, which was not carried out until August 15, the new communiqué of the Board assures that “although the investigation on listeria was previously underway, it was not until August 14 when Health and Families had the solid evidence which allowed the association of the cause of the sprouts with the meat of the company in question. ”

"The Ministry made the alert public in less than 24 hours after obtaining the definitive evidence," the statement continues, "if I had decreed it before I could have incurred irresponsibility of serious consequences ”.

The shredded meat contaminated with Listeria.

A poisoning that can be deadly

Listeriosis, one of the most dangerous food poisonings that presents a mortality between 20 and 30% among a certain population at risk such as older adults or people with a weakened immune system.

Another large risk group is the pregnant women, in which the listeria infection is severe and has the potential to cause sepsis that endangers the life of the mother and the fetus. Listeriosis can be a cause of abortion or in infected newborns lead to meningitis.

The Junta de Andalucía insists in its statement that people at risk should avoid the consumption of soft cheeses Y chilled food ready to consume, unless heated to an internal temperature of 73.9 ° C or boiled, before serving (group in which the roasted meat would enter), as well as chilled smoked seafood unless they have been cooked; raw milk (unpasteurized) and frozen vegetables without prior cooking before consuming.

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