Do you keep abstinence during Lent? the question of the week

As a child I used to spend Holy Week at my grandmother's house, in the village. She always spoiled us and prepared us authentic delicacies to eat, but I clearly remember how she asked us to make the sacrifice of abstinence on Fridays, which served us fish. So I was curious and I thought it could be a good question of the week:

Do you keep abstinence during Lent?

As you know, Lent represents 40 days that Jesus was in the desert fasting and praying to prepare before preaching. That is why believers and practitioners are asked to reflect on their sins, do penance and also sacrifices, which is where fasting comes (Ash Wednesday and Good Friday) and abstinence (the rest of Friday). Do not forget to leave your opinions Live on the Palate Answers.

Last week's question: What Easter sweets do you intend to make?

Last week we asked you what Easter sweets you had planned to do, since there is a wide tradition in different areas of the country. The most valued response has been that of Franchessca, which will prepare us:

French toast!. You can't spend a Holy Week without making this delicious candy, at home I would withdraw the word haha. We love them all and then also not to lose their own traditions: leaflets in bloom, typical of my land.

Although I could not fail to highlight the contribution of Rosario Poveda, which is next to the town of my father (Monóvar):

In Elda (Alicante), during Easter the typical of here are the toñas and the monkeys and lizards with decorating hard boiled eggs. Depending on the size of the monkeys or the lizard it is laid for the small quail hard-boiled egg and for the larger size the normal-sized egg.

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