Easy, quick and summer recipes on the weekly menu of July 8

We have the weekend just around the corner and, for some, the holidays. Free days in which we can treat ourselves with a slow and special breakfast, of snack as if there were no tomorrow and to extend the table tops until snack time. All these occasions are contemplated in weekly menu.

You will see that, following the general tone, we have a bit of everything although the presence of quick and easy recipes It is perhaps the most pronounced. Lunch, dinner, breakfast, snacks and snacks for the entire family They wait for you, you just have to prepare the shopping list and ensure that you have everything ready at home to be able to put so much beauty on the table every day.

Live to the Palate Recipes without complications to spend little time in the kitchen on the weekly menu of July 1


  • Food: Cold cream of cucumber and avocado with smoked salmon and vegan bean burger, miso, nuts and oatmeal.
  • Dinner: Spinach and pine nuts salted coke.


  • Food: Pasta margaritas with mussels in tomato sauce and cream and pork tenderloin stewed with onion and fragrant wine.
  • Dinner: Pretty roasted lascas salad with spinach, cherry tomatoes and sesame dressing.
Spinach and pine nuts salted coke


  • Food: Traditional Russian salad and Sichuan style chicken.
  • Dinner: Tomato Carpaccio


  • Food: Asian-style steamed cherry and trout gazpacho.
  • Dinner: Mango and avocado rice noodle salad.
Vegan bean, miso, nut and oat burger


  • Food: Potatoes stuffed with chard and cheese and hake tacos in gardener gardener.
  • Dinner: Mediterranean frittata with ricotta and pesto.


  • Food: Tartiflette and roast beef with paprika and honey.
  • Dinner: Sandwich cake.


  • Food: Apple vichyssoise and monkfish fideuá.
  • Dinner: Rustic eggplant and tomato pie with cream cheese.
Live to the Palate Easy, refreshing and healthy recipes on the weekly menu of June 24

Snacks and snacks

  1. Chicken croquette
  2. Mini pizzas with ham and fig jam
  3. Mussels with marinara sauce
Yogurt cake

Breakfasts, snacks and sweet treats

This week we will be carried away by the summer feeling that floods us preparing desserts and refreshing sweets. But we are also going to turn on the oven, very early when we can still resist without melting, and make two delicious cakes with which to satisfy our desire for homemade breakfast.

  • Yogurt cake.
  • Greek yogurt and blueberry cake.
  • Cappuccino ice cream.
  • Watermelon frozen bavarois.
  • Catalan cream.

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