Gastroguía of the A-2, the torrezno road: where to eat well from Madrid to Barcelona without deviating or ruining

We continue our series of guides that try to offer the best options to stop to eat in the main highways of Spain. Today comes the turn of the A-2, the Northeast Highway linking Madrid and Barcelona, ​​passing through Zaragoza.

This busy route channels all the traffic in Europe from the eastern Pyrenees and connects to the two main cities of the country. The air bridge and the high-speed train have reduced traffic by car between Madrid and Barcelona, ​​but it is impossible to get rid of it on occasion, on the way to Soria, Aragon, La Rioja or Catalonia. Y nothing prevents us from eating badly when necessary to stop along the way.

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If we baptize the A-1 as the asado road, the A-2 may well be that of the torrezno, because our beloved bacon is present in some of its best forms in much of the route.

We remember that it's not about reviewing great restaurants here, but places in which to eat well without paying an exorbitant price - something that unfortunately is not usual in most areas of service - or deviate too much.

We have only followed two rules: the restaurants must be located at a turnoff of no more than 15 km from the highway (although in this guide all are closer) and should not be located in large cities, where you have to find life to park.

We begin our review from Guadalajara and until past Lleida, making the journey from Madrid to Barcelona, ​​although all bars and restaurants can be accessed if you go in the opposite direction.

From Guadalajara to Medinaceli

Km 103: Area 103

Classic service area located on both sides of the highway. Difficult to overlook because it is surrounded by dozens of flags of Spain. If you don't mind eating next to bottles of wine with Franco's effigy, you have to recognize that They serve good fried eggs with potatoes and ham and excellent grilled sandwiches, somewhat expensive, but very good for being a roadside restaurant.

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Km 117: Casa Adrián

Casa Adrián is one of the best service area restaurants we can find on the A-2. They have a grill, which guarantees good sandwiches and grilled meats, The torreznos are good and they have a quality menu of the day for 14 euros. Little more can be requested from a service area bar. The interior has been recently renovated.

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Km 145: Carlos Mary

Veteran restaurant located in the lower part of Medinaceli, very busy by travelers and carriers. It has several economic menus and more than decent, in several price ranges. It is also perfect to stop at the bar to take your delicious tapas of torreznos or pickles and his fantastic snacks. A basic classic.

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From Medinaceli to Zaragoza

Km 186: Hotel Ciudad Arcóbriga

In the restaurant of this road hotel, some are served great torreznos, in addition to other skewers and sandwiches with good value for money. The menu of the day is also recommended by our sources, has a competitive price of 10.50 euros and is also served at night.

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Km 269: El Paradero restaurant

Five kilometers of detour are enough, at the height of the Almunia of Doña Godina, to visit the small town of Paniza, where we find the restaurant El Paradero. One of our confidants says that more road has sucked that is must visit. It has a good menu of the day at 13 euros, price that rises to 25 on the weekend. They stand out for the good stews of carrillera or oxtail.

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Km 287: The Navarro

This roadside bar and restaurant has a decent menu for 11.5 euros and good skewers and snacks (the best bacon). It also takes almost halfway between Madrid and Barcelona, ​​so it is a good option if we want to divide the trip in two.

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Km 314: Plaza Imperial Shopping Center

This shopping center located at the entrance of Zaragoza from Madrid is famous for having a Monorail that connects its various commercial areas (That, we doubt, continue working). Fruit of the brick boom precrisis it's always half empty, but it has some multiplexes and, around it, all kinds of catering franchises: Burguer King, McDonald's, Foster's Hollywood ... And, let's not fool ourselves, sometimes you feel like a simple hamburger, cheap, more effective than many service area snacks. It is also good option if you travel with a dog, Well, both the mall and restaurants accept pets.

From Zaragoza to Igualada

Km 376: La Perla Restaurant

At exit 3 of AP2, you access the small town of Bukhaloz, where there are several restaurants born albur de la old road N2. The best of them is La Perla, a Family restaurant with good homemade food and a menu of the day of 11 euros. They also make good snacks.

This is the last recommended stop before entering the toll road where all the service areas are equally horrible and until you reach Lleida. They are more than 100 kilometers of gastronomic dry land.

Km 505 Ilerpesca

Polygon restaurant specialized in seafood and economic fish. The quality is battle level, but it is a good option to get out of the typical beef tenderloin and cheese road trip. True, "seafood" and "polygon in Lleida" does not sound like a successful combination, but one of our travelers says it is worth it to get out of such monotony.

Km 545 Buffet Bonarea

Our most reputable traveler speaks wonders of the buffet that the Catalan chain of Bonarea supermarkets It has on foot of the A-2, at the height of Jorba. It is a buffet full of all the products of the chain, specialist in pork, with irons available to cook whatever you want. But the craziest thing is the price. It costs five euros from Monday to Friday and six on weekends. Children under four years eat for free. Cheaper impossible.

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