Walk through the gastronomy of the network, the best recipes to beat the heat

Suddenly summer has arrived and we all walk to a greater or lesser extent fighting with the high temperatures. That is why this week we have prepared a Walk through the gastronomy of the network with the best recipes to beat the heat.

Whether you are looking for sweet recipes or salty recipes, we have selected recipes that do not generate much heat in the kitchen or at the table and that accompany our purpose of eating well in summer, nourishing ourselves properly.

Live at the Palate Walk through the gastronomy of the network: good ideas for cooking in the summer

Salty recipes to beat the heat

This week, we start with vegetable salads. I propose a vegan chickpea salad that teaches us how to prepare Chary Serrano, which to prepare with tender shoots and yellow pepper.

I also found it very seductive, the proposal of Rosalía de Ross Gastronomic, a warm salad of green beans with spatter of mussels that you have above. It also gives us good advice to always have ready soaked legumes for when we need them.

Continuing with salads, nothing better than a good country salad, the classic summer that has prepared us Amanda de Zampatelmundo or the original Rosa Salad -not russian- of the María Mamala3's blog3.

Live at the Palate Walk through the gastronomy of the network: what to eat when you don't feel like cooking

We have more ideas for your entrees. Surely, like me, you will find a starter as original as the tuna mousse chocolates from Carmen from Carmen's Rezetas. And you will also love this summer pout, with pears from San Juan de Cooking between Olivos, always with great suggestions.

For the main courses, we have three suggestions to make, this week all meat. We start with one of the dishes that I know in summer, the raxo with potatoes, a dish that I associate with my trips to Galicia, which you will undoubtedly like and that Carlos from Mercado Calabajío He has prepared us with great detail. It is made with fresh pork loin and potatoes and is a perfect treat to share.

We can also make a round of veal, perfect to eat when we return from the beach or the pool, making it so that it is very juicy as we are taught in Nati's kitchen. Another possibility is a secret of Iberian pork with red sauce, mushrooms and onion like that of Cooking at Juanico's house what we can do in the oven and have it ready for when we feel like it.

Live at the Palate Walk through the gastronomy of the network, light recipes and ideas to eat well

Sweet recipes for summer

For a sweet snack, for a dessert or for a whim between hours, we find these Beignets or New Orleans donuts that teaches us how to make Sofia in Thousand ideas thousand projects. In Mamma's things We can learn to prepare some great Japanese cookies, which will come in handy for those afternoons when we dare not leave home because of the heat.

To end our walk for the gastronomy of the network with summer recipes, we propose two candies in pastel format, both made with blueberries. On the one hand, those of Sugar paste, a mini inverted with blueberries that will put an ideal snap to any meal. On the other hand, the blueberry tarts with meringue that we've discovered in Ginger and Cinnamon with which we finished our gastronomic tour for this week.

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