Food on Paper, beautiful food illustrations

You already know how much we like design and creativity in Live to the Palate. As I never tire of repeating, food and art are closely linked, and it seems to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the authors of the most varied disciplines. The last work that has conquered me has been Elizabeth Graeber's work, Food on plate, beautiful food illustrations.

It is a varied series of watercolor, ink, gouache and pencil drawings on paper, where the protagonists are food. In its gallery we can find everything from basic products such as fruits and vegetables, to cooked dishes, to condiments and ingredients of famous brands. All this embodied in the author's peculiar naive style, with simple strokes but full of color and energy.

Elizabeth Garden is a freelance illustrator who declares herself as passionate about food. That is why he decided to channel his obsession through this collection of illustrations that he not only shares through the network, but also offers them for international sale. They are made on watercolor paper of square format, between 17 and 22 centimeters on the side, with a price that varies between 60 and 80 euros to change, approximately.

I have fallen in love with her charming style and I am already imagining the kitchen of my dreams decorated with a series of pieces from her collection, because I think that they can bring a touch of very attractive colorist joy. The author continues to add new designs to her gallery, which you can browse through her website. If you are interested, you also accept specific orders for particular meals.

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