The mini diet Recipe book

I've been with a few extra pounds for a couple of years now. They are not many, nor is it alarming, but I would not want to enter the thirties with them and accompany me for the rest of my life. So I have proposed, one more time, eat better, without even dieting. That's why I found it funny recipe book The mini diet on the supermarket shelf.

It is one of those small and cheap books. A compendium of recipes without much more pretense than to inspire us when it comes to cooking, only in this case with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeating a little healthier. From him I got the recipe for chicken with almonds - although in the book it was with cashew nuts - that I shared with you yesterday, and don't be surprised that this booklet inspires the odd ones.

Light recipes for all tastes

After a few pages of introduction on healthy habits, nutritional information and the odd advice, the book enters the action soon, presenting its recipes for a rich, varied and foolproof diet against routine, as the subtitle says.

Unlike other books, where recipes are organized by type (fish, meat, soups, salads ...) in this one they are organized by meals, namely: breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner. Apparently the author was punished without dessert.

All are quite simple to prepare, and except for some aromatic herb, the ingredients are quite easy to find anywhere, and if not, in general they are quite substitutable. The explanations, although concise, can be followed effortlessly until you get something very similar to what appears in the photo.

It is perhaps at this point, the images, where the book looks the most. Without being pretentious, all dishes are suggestive and appetizing, something that in a book entitled the mini diet, is appreciated. In addition, all the recipes have their photo, something that I especially like, since I tend to browse the books without stopping much in the names of the recipes, but I choose what enters me through the eye.

Definitely, a simple, affordable book with appetizing recipes and easy to prepare. For the four or five euros or so it costs, I don't think you can ask for much more.

The mini diet

3.99 euros
ISBN 978-3-625-12693-5