An ideal kitchen for the elderly

Despite being a total and absolute denial for decorative themes, or precisely for that reason, I love to follow the Decoesfera blog, it gives me so many ideas that I find it impossible not to try to apply some in my house, with which I am getting a “nice” Home without definite decorative style.

Although leaving aside the decoration of my house, it has been precisely in Decoesphere where I have seen that they speak to us of an ideal kitchen for elderly people.

Raquel tells us about the Kitchen 02 of Product Tank, a kitchen specially designed for the elderly or with restricted mobility, who live alone and want to maintain their independence.

As you can see in the presentation video, the design that has thought to solve a multitude of inconveniences, can be used sitting, is easy to clean, has two boilers for cooking with water control warning to avoid accidents, easy grip controls and easy visibility numbering and two plates, an induction and a plate that can be exchanged at ease.

Although I am very afraid that despite being very well thought out, at the moment it is only a prototype, so if someone is going to want one of these at home, they will have to have it built, taking advantage of it looks simpler and affordable than other similar feature designs.

Video: Food- Ideal Care Homes (January 2020).