The best Marquis de Riscal stays in China

Everyone knows the Spanish push in the Chinese market, and especially in the wine sector. Thus, a few days ago a charity auction was held in Beijing of one hundred bottles of Marquis de Riscal from various crops with dates between 1862 and 2005, as well as an exhibitor used by the winery at the Universal Exhibition in 1910. The expectation generated by it had no equal and has turned out to be the highest bid offered by a collection of Spanish wines. In the end, the buyer took the lot for an amount of 161,000 euros, which has been fully allocated to a Chinese charity.

Apart from this large batch of bottles, others were specially prepared for the auction, with wines from the best vintages of the 19th century, as well as those most prominent from the 20th century. And as a wink of complicity with the Asian giant were auctioned two special lots for them, one of vintage wines whose year was number eight, lucky number in China, as well as another batch of wines from 1949, the year of the birth of the People's Republic of China.

The relations between the Spanish winery and the Asian country began more than twenty years ago. The auction idea dates back to 2008, Marquis de Riscal was one hundred and fifty years old and his first Olympics were celebrated in China. When the winery organized an event in that country to announce that it would be the official wine of the Spanish Olympic Committee, it became known that this historic wine collection existed, this generated great interest that culminated in the organization of this auction. All this has contributed to the fact that Spanish wine has entered China through the big door.

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