The soundtrack of Mugaritz

Just as cinema often deals with gastronomic issues and photographic exhibitions are frequent with cooking as a background theme, we have known a new fusion between art and gastronomy, with the publication of the soundtrack of Mugaritz.

The musician Felipe Ugarte, he proposed to the chef with two Michelin stars, Andoni Aduritz, make a composition based on 12 dishes of the restaurant, which collected the emotions aroused by their dishes reflected in a disc that will be titled Mugaritz BSO.

Among the themes that will include the soundtrack, we find some of the most representative dishes of this restaurant, such as cooked cheek and gut cod, greasy gnocchi of Idiazabal cheese, edible stones, grilled foie gras or espresso coffee grounds, among others.

The first melody was performed with the recipe of sheep cottage cheese, for whose elaboration, the sounds of a flock were recorded, using as a rhythm or musical rhythm base, the heartbeat of one of the sheep. A similar procedure has been performed with each recipe, based on the study of its Ingredients, their flavors, origin or appearance of the different dishes.

In any case, the initiative has been very satisfying and enjoyable, both for the musician and for the chef, who also proposed the making of a documentary that picked up the process of elaboration of the melodies, and that was presented at the San Sebastian Film Festival, at the inauguration of the Culinary Zinema section, which I talked to you a few days ago.

The project of the soundtrack of Mugaritz, which will be released soon, will be completed with the publication of a book, which the writer is preparing Harkaitz Cano in collaboration with the photographer Oscar Oliva and the own Andoni Aduritz and Felipe Ugarte. Good news is that of this fusion between gastronomy and the different arts, which we will surely enjoy.