A Michelin star? No thanks

It is the highest distinction to which a restaurant can aspire; Being touched by the tip of a Michelin star gives prestige but also forces you to maintain a quality standard that in some cases compromises and can originate more than a hurry. That's what happened to the French restaurant Le Lisita, owned by Olivier Douet et Stéphane Debaille, who after receiving a star in 2006, five years later have had to recapitulate to recognize that it is impossible for them to maintain that level of demand, turning the business into a brasserie, a formula that works with Success in his second restaurant L'Annexe.

On its website you can read: as of Tuesday, June 21, 2011 the restaurant Le Lisita a Michelin star, ceases its activity to give way to "Tendances Lisita Restaurant", in a Brasserie style. The decision should not have been easy but it is honest and realistic, perhaps made on time, before bringing the business to ruin.

The restaurant, located in Nimes, leaves aside the tinsel that confers the distinction to venture into a new simpler path, without ties or conditions, preferring a discreet style and forgetting ambitious hotel projects and investments that will ensure the sustainability of the business. They do not turn their backs on Michelín, to whom those responsible have communicated their decision claiming their reasons and leaving the door open to a new effort that deserves the distinction, but at a more appropriate time and location.

They may have found the formula for success and within this sad resignation there is also a careful or casual marketing campaign. Who will resist trying the cuisine of a place that has proven to have a high level once its price range has been reduced to twenty-five or thirty euros the menu? Who had retained, say my elders.