Yogurt foam Recipe

I have a siphon since 2004, I think I remember. I was studying at that time the first year of restoration in the hospitality school and my girlfriend (today my wife) gave it to me to do fun things such as this yogurt foam recipe.

The foam recipes are original but always to make as a part of another larger recipe or to finish it with curious things, sparkling ingredients, etc. That is a matter of imagination.

Ingredients for 1/2 liter

  • 375 g of yogurt, 125 g of cream (35% mg), 75 g of sugar and two loads.

How to make yogurt foam

The elaboration, as for almost all foams, It is very simple. You just have to mix the yogurt (the flavor you want) with the sugar and cream until everything is well mixed.

Then you put it in the siphon and leave it in the fridge until serving time. At that time you add the loads, move well up and down, about three times and serve.

Processing time | 5 minutes cooler
Difficulty | Easy


To serve along with the yogurt foam I can think of some honey in the background, some nuts on top, red fruits, etc.

Video: HOW TO MAKE: A Yogurt Espuma, Foam Or Mousse Recipe From Molecular Kitchen, With Whipping Siphons (November 2019).