The godello grape

LGodello grape It is the main variety of the D.O. Valdeorras, but it is also another of the native varieties responsible for the enormous qualitative step that the Galician vineyard has taken in the last decade.

Located on the entire Galician surface, it is in Valdeorras where it has a more insistent and more remarkable presence, thanks to the privileged edafo-climatic characteristics that the D.O. Galician more mesetaria.

Godello is a variety that has immeasurable potential, comparing it with its Galician homonym (with albariño) may contain a lower aromatic subtlety, although it also has a superior aging ability In wooden barrel. Present a very complex and dispersed aromatic profile, less defined than other white varieties, even so, the rustic aromas, loaded with minerality, white fruit with herbaceous touch and a very light floral fragrance are usually quite distinctive. In the mouth they have a more powerful and intense presence than other Galicians, more glyceric, with intense and fresh acidity, balanced and well structured. In sight it is usually presented as many other wines with yellowish-greenish nuances.

Interesting is the ability to improve After a moderate aging in wooden barrels, they tend to be friendlier in the mouth, more silky and creamy, much richer in nuances that are incorporated without losing the typical fruit and a greater and more intense passage through the mouth. The intense acidity that they present when young, is tempered with the passage of time, going to the background, as a staff to support the rest of generous nuances incorporated.

Whenever you talk about Godello or Valdeorras, you must have a specific recognition of the work done by the winery To Tapada (Guitián), authentic revitalizer of the area and the variety since the mid-80s that began to make wines.