Torreblanca uses sweets as a therapy against Alzheimer's

Last night watching the news, I discovered an initiative that mixes the fight against oblivion, Alzheimer's, the kitchen and the master pastry chef Paco Torreblanca. What has also aroused your curiosity? Well, I give you more details of this exemplary action.

The Cooking school of Murcia together with Paco Torreblanca have organized a workshop to help alzheime sufferersr to recover the memory of flavors, textures and smells.

The idea is that the sweets evoke memories and thanks to the smell of chocolate or the touch of flour can be transported at other times or other times. For example, during the flour and dough talk, one of the patients recalled that he cooked it at 20º

The course will last 3 weeks and aims to patients with this disease they integrate into society and feel supported by their family.

At the end of the course it will be prepared “The Murcia cake”, in which the sick, the students of the cooking school and Paco Torreblanca will collaborate. This cake will be inspired by the typical sweets of the region.