Embruix of Vall Llach

The year 2006, year of elaboration of this Embruix of Vall Llach It was a year of contrasts. Low rainfall, high luminosity but low temperatures allowed to reach concentrated musts, of excellent ripening, notable presence of sugars (which after fermentation will be transformed into high alcoholic strength) but also with a negligible acidity, vital to balance these sweet components present in the must.

The cellar Vall Llanch born in the late 90s as a result of the professional relationship between the Catalan singer-songwriter Lluis Llach and the notary Enric Costa within the D.O. Q. Priorat, in the town of Porrera. The winery belongs to what happened to be called the second generation of Priorat wineries, modern wineries, equipped with technology but without losing perspective and respect for tradition and for the land, that particular land that is part of the essence same of the Priorat wines.

Specifically the Embruix, like Ferrer Bobet and, to a lesser extent, Terrases, leads a wine segment willing to preserve the oenological excellence of the area but with an admirable price containment. It allows us to enjoy the benefits of this wine region without our portfolio suffering too much. The Priorat is one of my favorite wine areas, it is an area of extreme weather conditions and difficult orography, where the always complex process of harvesting, can become an exercise in physical wear there. Under these conditions, even where seasonal workers prefer not to participate in the grape harvest, it is not surprising that the price of the grape harvested multiplies the price of other areas, where the possibility of mechanization of the process softens an already hard procedure.

To view It presents an "bewitching" intense cherry red color, with a medium-high layer and a granatous border.

In nose It has a very fruity aroma, very ripe red and black fruit, in compote, characteristic sign of Priorat, as well as the mineral and earthy backgrounds that adorn the nose of the embruix, some timid toasted notes leave their constancy and add complexity to the aromatic load .

In mouth It is unctuous, creamy, powerful, broad, with a long finish, more elegant, structured and balanced than what the label with those 15º and peak of alcohol seems to indicate. Sweet but nice sweet tannins. In the mouth again the ripe fruit present in the nose reappears with intensity. Good acidity, which, although not latent, is there to balance that important alcheolic content.

Embruix de Vall Llach 2006

Winery: Vall Llach Area: Priorat Variety: Garnacha, cariñena, cabernet sauvignon, syrah and merlot Wine: Red with aging (16 months in barrel) Price: 15 Euros Score: 8

Live at the Palate l Ferrer Bobet 2006 Live at the Palate l Camins del Priorat