Use and close cans

Didn't it ever happen to you that you open a can and suddenly anything happens and you don't finish it? Or do you open a coke for a combination and you have half left over? Do you feel angry that the gas goes away and with the crisis you don't like to throw anything away? If you feel identified with any of these questions, you would like to know that an opening system has been invented. cans that can be closed again.

About eight years ago, what looked like a wild project became a reality. He system is simple, since it consists of two plastic parts joined together, which are rotated both to open and to close, and are accompanied by an easily open lid.

In fact, in France an energy drink is marketed in this new format and everything points to its success. Depending on your acceptance, this package will be extended to other interested countries. The truth is that I think it's a great idea from the manufacturers themselves, since I've seen plastic utensils that allows you keep the cans, but do not retain exactly the same properties.

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