From your palate, again thanks to you

It was on September 22, 2005, when he was born Of your palate. And there have been many recipes and proposals sent by all of you. Today, we want the date to be the same or more important as that of that time and we want the section of your palate reborn thank you all.

The section features They remain practically the same. Basically it is that you share your favorite recipes with everyone who visits us daily. But not only recipes, you can also send us anything that is related to the world of gastronomy, with everything that happens between the kitchen stoves. With a peculiarity, seasonal recipes will prevail in the order of publication. Send us your summer recipes now! The email is [email protected]

For publication reasons we will try to publish all your suggestions, tricks and recipes as soon as possible and provided that the number of articles received allows us to make the selection as best as possible. You have to send the recipes with a presentation photo of the dish and some more photos of the preparation. In addition, the text must have an introduction, and must clearly show the ingredients and elaboration steps.

In this time there are many things that we have learned thanks to you. And we want to continue learning from both gastronomic bloggers and daily readers. Do not hesitate to write to the contact email by clicking here.

If Direct to the Palate is one of the reference websites of gastronomy it is, without a doubt, thanks to you and that is why the section is reborn today Of your palate.