Kitchen decoration: Appliances. Trends

In principle, this Special Kitchen Decoration I wasn't going to try on home appliances. We know that they are an essential part of our kitchen, so we prefer to leave it for a little later and thus talk in detail about each of them, but of course, we could not close the special without at least touching the issue of the trendsTherefore, this, which is going to be the last post in the series, is dedicated to them.

Where are the new classes of appliances heading?

As in all cases they are aimed at meeting the current needs that are very different from those that were a few years ago, so it can be said that the sector is booming, but we will go detailing a little, one by one the characteristics of the new appliances and giving some examples of those we have seen in Decoesfera to illustrate the post.

First, what the home appliance manufacturers are looking for right now is the energy efficiency and savings, every day we are more concerned with the environment, and our economic system forces us, every day more to worry about our pocket, that's why manufacturers know that a dishwasher that spends less will be much more popular than one that spends more. Like the Green Washer Goreje washing machine that saves water and detergent and you see in the image above.

On the other hand is the problem of space. Young people are forced more and more to live in small flats, we want to become independent, but there are no homes within our reach, that's why we end up in tiny flats where every meter counts.

The brands of household appliances know it, so it is rare that house that has not removed some size products mini They are looking to reach that type of young audience, which seeks maximum technology in the minimum space.

A clear example to illustrate that is the Ikea drawer refrigerators that you can see in the image:

He design It is also one of our priorities. We want it all, it is true, we not only want it to be up to date, it is comfortable and efficient, we also want it to be beautiful, that's why brands also exploit the external appearance of their products using new materials and shapes that seem original and that in addition to useful get to become decorative.

An example is this extractor hood for brand island Pando, which achieves maximum functionality with a completely new design. Or the new Teka induction plates, which you see below, with very different shapes than usual.

The technology Especially for the youngest is essential, it is not enough for us to have a dishwasher scrub the dishes, we would like more if we could chat with him and listen to the ipod, we want everything to the last that nothing is left behind and that is the most versatile and with all possible possibilities and programs.

This can be found for example in the white induction plate of Dietrich with a function that allows maximum speed in use.

We also want it to be comfortable. The thing about being rinsing the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher is over, well some still do. But if a manufacturer puts a product on the tray with it that is not necessary, we all know what we choose.

That cleaning Easy is also a priority, if we have a dishwasher to make it comfortable to wash the dishes we can not spend 30 minutes after cleaning the dishwasher ...

Another priority is that it is fast, every time we have less time to devote to the kitchen. An example is that of the new Iron aid washers from Electrolux They make ironing easier.

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