Chop, crush with Thermomix

We begin in this chapter the explanations of the basic techniques within our new Cooking Course with Thermomix, with recommendations to make the most of the possibilities of our kitchen robot. Chop and crush with Thermomix It is very easy, and we must also bear in mind that the origin of our kitchen robot is a modified mixer, to which functions have been added over the years.

Thanks to this function we can chop raw foods, such as onions, carrots, celery, hard boiled eggs, etc. or even pulverize harder ones, such as nuts, hard bread, even ice. To spray hard food it is best to use the turbo button, with a simple pressure repeated several times until we get the ground we want.

For chop-crush the softest ingredients the speed 4 normally is enough, but if we want chop more consistent foods we will use the speed 5. The time will vary from the amount of food, but usually a few seconds are more than enough. Due to the strength of the blades we must be careful not to grind the food excessively, checking every few seconds the degree of grinding.

If what we want is whisk liquid ingredients, such as creams, cold soups, sorbets or juices, it is best to start at low speeds, 3-4, and then go up gradually until you reach 8-9. Personally I don't usually use very high speeds, only when I want the texture to be very fine. Another recommendation is that, if we want to use very high speeds with liquid ingredients, we do not fill the glass to the maximum (two liters), since most likely it will overflow a little of the liquid by the edges of the lid, which did not happen with Previous models, which were more airtight.

Special caution you have to have with hot liquids, it is always better to let them warm a little before beating, and it is highly recommended to hold the beaker of the lid with a clean cloth, to avoid splashing at high speeds. When beating hot and then very cold foods, such as ice or sorbets, Sudden temperature changes may affect the display digital, which may show error for a few minutes. In these cases, do not be alarmed, with turning off the machine a few minutes usually returns to normal. I hope these tips for chop-shred with Thermomix be useful to you

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