Frore de Carme, Adega Familiar Eladio Piñeiro

After three years apart from his work in the winery for family reasons, Eladio Piñeiro, creator and founder of the renowned Albariño Mar de Frades, has returned with a project that was presented last June, Adega Familiar Eladio Piñeiro.

He was already exclusive and select in his previous work and now continues with the interest of offering quality, as well as genuineness, so with this new winery located in the Rias Baixas, he will only make limited oenological jewels, Cult wines and Private Collection Within the reach of the members, the club they have created to channel their production range is called Ateneo Private Collection.

Good news is that there will be no intermediaries who benefit from the work of the winery, nor will customers have to pay a higher price than the stipulated one. In addition, part of the benefits of Adega Familiar Eladio Piñeiro, will be allocated to charities. The last creation of Eladio Piñeiro is Frore de Carme, we imagine that in honor of his partner to whom he has dedicated all this time of work stoppage.

It is an albariño made from the biodynamic technique. He presents a careful presentation and we imagine that a great quality, with personality, respecting the characteristics of this grape but with a modern character.


Again the packaging is surprising, which will surely receive some mention. They have designed a bottle in an elegant way that has a most innovative cap, made of glass with a tight seal, prevents oxidation of the wine, maintains all the characteristics of Albariño and completely discards TCA.

Precursors in the thermosensitive label, Frore de Carme will show a fish on the screen printed label when it acquires the appropriate consumption temperature. We remind anyone who did not know Mar de Frades that this wine incorporated the thermosensitive label on which a galleon appeared.

This Albariño corresponding to the 2005 vintage made manually, is the first of the brand. According to the winery it shows a greenish yellow color, very clean and bright. It gives off intense and persistent aromas of the variety. The palate is wide and complex, with many nuances, freshness, sensations of eucalyptus, fine mentholated lines ... it will be a matter of trying the Frore de Carme to find all those memories of Atlantic breezes.

As we said, its sale is exclusive for those who join the Club Athenaeus Private Collection of Adega Familiar Eladio Piñeiro. It will be a pleasure to find a friend or establishment that belongs to the Club and can offer it to us.