Fruit Logística 2008, meeting point for international horticulture

On February 7, a unique forum will begin in Germany, this is Fruit Logística 2008, a meeting point for international horticulture where specialists in the sector will debate, hold conferences and presentations on the world of fruits and vegetables .

The topics to be discussed will be very varied, new consumer trends, conservation methods, scientific and technological advances, new problems that have arisen due to food globalization, etc. All this and more will be included in a three-day program, in parallel other forums will be organized in which they will deal with topics related to horticulture, countries that offer new products, organic market, traceability, packaging, etc. Fruit Logistics 2008 It is oriented to the professional sector and is an important meeting, remember that fruits and vegetables are perishable products that need efficient logistics to store, transport and ensure that products from any corner of the world reach our table with the highest quality and guaranteed freshness .

Possibly the issue of phytosanitary products that we talked about in the post, The agri-food industry does not want to stop embracing phytosanitary products. In it we indicated that the new regulations of the European Commission restricted the use of these products, something with which many producers did not agree. The forum will provide us with a lot of information and we will know what is being cooked in the world of fruits and vegetables.