The Wines of Jerez and Manzanilla triumph again in the United Kingdom

Again the Wines of Jerez take a special role in the United Kingdom, it is a rediscovery of Jerez in gastronomy that has allowed even edit a book in which some of the most prominent chefs of that country have participated, as is the famous Heston Blumenthal. The recipe book in question is titled The Perfect Pairing: the Art of combining the Wines of Jerez with Gastronomy (The Perfect Marriage: The Art of Matching Food & Sherry Wines From Jerez).

Jerez is present in all establishments, be they pubs, bars or restaurants, its position acquires a clear role being the drink that paired with any gastronomic proposal, be they snacks, meals, etc.

Of course, this result should be thanked for the promotion made by the Association of Exporters and the Regulatory Council that has managed to get drinks to attract the attention of new generations, something that the wine industry is trying to do in Spain and for the moment not It is going very well, we refer to statistics that indicate that wine consumption has been falling during the last years. What do the inhabitants of the United Kingdom find in Jerez? Apparently the sherry is able to excite the so-called umani (fifth taste on the palate), a flavor that goes beyond salty, sweet, bitter or acidic , something that few drinks or food are capable of transmitting. As usually happens, the best products tend to be more valued in other countries than in the country itself, of this we have some examples, the Jerez in this case or the organic products that are produced in Spain, highly valued and consumed in other countries and Almost unknown in our country. Another example that we can provide on the wines of Jerez and Manzanilla can be found in the post The largest offer of Jerez and Manzanilla wines is in Japan.

In short, news like this should motivate Spaniards to know in greater depth the products that our country produces and value them as much or more than other countries.