Silicone glove with separate index finger

We already know some silicone gloves that help us to take our trays or other utensils from the oven without burning, they can even be introduced into the hot cooking liquid without problem. But we are not going to fool ourselves, we are a bit duckling with those gloves, which although they are not rigid, do not provide us with the necessary mobility in some cases, rather than gloves are mittens.

The beginning of the true silicone glove is already in sight, begin by separating the index finger He works a lot with the thumb, so it can be more practical than the ones we know so far

More appropriate also to take the barbecue tongs, now that we are in the middle of the season to enjoy outdoor meals, you surely have someone to give it to, the problem is that we do not know a Spanish establishment where they sell this silicone glove, have you seen it?

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