Catalan Barista Championship, winner Xavier Boschmonart

The figure of the barista is being increasingly recognized in our country, but for now and that we know, there are only two official regional associations constituted: the Baristas Association of Galicia and the Baristas Association of the Principality of Asturias. Fact that has conditioned the photography you see, that has come out of my own imagination by not having either the logo or poster of the event, nor its winner. However, the news seems interesting to me to gradually know the baristas who will participate in the II National Barista Championship of Spain to be held in A Coruña on October 5, 6 and 7.

If the other day we met the Champion of the II Barista Championship of Galicia, Marcelino Candal, now we know the winner of the Catalan Barista Championship, Xavier Boschmonart. Mention, of course, a great second place for Estrella Laguna, owner of the Cafeteria Luar, in Barcelona and a young student of the School of Tourism and Tourism CETT, Marta Raso, who took third place.

Honestly, the more I enter the world of baristas, the more I am passionate and surprised, therefore, if it happens to you like me, we will give you the winners of the different places in Spain so that each one can approach and enjoy True works of art. In this case, by the hand of Xavier Boschmonart you can do it at the BiX Cafeteria, in Calella, which he owns, or take a look at the great video that we proposed in What is a barista ?, amazing what gives If an espresso.

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