The central market of Valencia is dressed in Prada

Today, despite being Sunday the Valencia Central Market It will open its doors, although yes, not for everyone, but for the privileged who respond to names such as Inés Sastre, Antonia del l'Atte, Demi Moore or Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, do they sound like you?

And when we say that the market will be open we also refer to 33 of the market positions selected by the firm Prada, organizer of this great party framed in the celebrations launched in Valencia for being the welcoming city of the Copa América de Vela.

Of course, the chosen positions will take the opportunity to exhibit foods that, like this party, are not available to everyone (at least not daily), such as 600-euro hams, seafood from the region, wines such as Chateau Margaux or Petrus. Even some of them will only exhibit what the Italian fashion firm has "suggested" to show.

Another incentive: the party cocktail will be served by El Bulli catering, and the service run by the prestigious Paco Roncero.

The date, tonight at half past nine.

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