The announcement egg arrives in Japan, no wonder

Already in July of last year we told you about the initiative of the CBS, an American television network, of announce the programming through an everyday product, the egg. It was 35 million eggs that realized it.

Now comes the time of the Japanese, who have begun to advertise "Chinese chicken pasta" in eggs, a preparation of Nissin Food Products, and can already be found in Daiei supermarkets.

Marketing and advertising experts reaffirm what the studies show, that supermarket customers often decide the menu while making their purchases, so this type of advertising can have a significant influence. Egg advertising has been adopted in Japan by the Sunny Side Up advertising agency, which ensures that many are already interested in advertising, among which are manufacturers of toys, cosmetics and even gyms.

Anyway, this is not new, although we would have expected that the announcement would arise once the tortilla was made.

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