Pizza carbonara: the simplest recipe to make in your home's oven

Probably the Pizza Carbonara is the simplest recipe to make in your home's oven and share it with friends or family in those movie and pizza nights or when we meet a few to watch sports meetings together in a group dinner.

These are occasions when we do not seek so much to offer our guests very gastronomic dishes but rather we want simple, easy and fast recipes that are comfortable to distribute when we have the attention in the event for which we have met. In these meetings, the carbonara pizza is ideal.


For 4 people
  • Homemade or refrigerated pizza dough
  • Liquid cream for cooking 100 ml
  • Bacon 200 g
  • Mozzarella cheese 1 ball
  • Salt a pinch for the bacon
  • Laminated mushrooms 4
  • Ground black pepper to taste
  • Grated cheese for pizza (assorted) 100 g

How to make Pizza carbonara

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 30 m
  • Elaboration 15 m
  • 15 m cooking

The carbonara recipe that we are going to use to make the pizza is not that of the authentic carbonara sauce recipe, the one that is made without cream, but the one that is usually used in the carbonara pizza recipes of most restaurant chains and pizza delivery companies, that is, the one made with bacon, cream, mushrooms and cheese.

We start preparing the pizza dough, -You can use a chilled one if you are in a hurry- or knead ours by following the instructions we gave you so you don't make any mistakes when making homemade pizza. To make the carbonara sauce, we begin by cutting the bacon into very thin strips and sauté in a pan until they begin to release their fat. We reserve them that will be finished cooking in the oven. In the fat they have released, saute the rolled mushrooms back and forth, reserving them too.

Then we add the liquid cream and 50 g of grated cheese in threads - any mixture that we like - and reduce it until the cheese begins to melt. We spread the dough or base of the pizza, we put three or four tablespoons of cream sauce and cheese on it and we extend it well with the back of a spoon. Then we add the crumbled mozzarella in small pieces, the bacon and mushroom taquitos and the rest of the grated cheese in threads.

We add a little more of the carbonara sauce that we have prepared, -partying them all over the surface of the pizza-, sprinkle with plenty of black pepper and we bake it in an oven at 230º for about 15 minutes until the edges of the pizza begin to toast.

With what to accompany the carbonara pizza

For accompany the carbonara pizza, given its caloric load and satiating effect, we recommend if you start with a light snack and end with a very soft dessert like baked apple roses, which do not carry sugar. Surely everyone will be delighted with this menu for those nights of movie pizza or where we meet to cheer on our favorite soccer team.