PDO recognition of the Galician Mussel by the European Union

We recently informed you that Galician mussel producers had decided to start marketing this product under the Denomination of Origin as long as Brussels did not pronounce. Well, this December 28 the official newspaper of the European Union published the PDO recognition of the Galician Mussel, becoming also the first product of the sea at European level that obtains this distinction.

From now on, the Protected Designation of Origin of the Galician Mussel is a European quality mark that will differentiate the ordinary mussel from Galicia or any other source, giving us the guarantee that it meets the standards of excellence in process quality of production. The fresh mussel covered under this Denomination comes in two varieties that are distinguished by their labeling: Special -1 (E-1), up to 23 pieces per kilogram. Special -2 (E-2), from 24 to 27 pieces per kilogram. Normal -1 (N-1), from 28 to 32 pieces per kilogram. Normal -2 (N-2), from 33 to 40 pieces per kilogram.

The presentation of the new Mussel Protected Designation of Origin of Galicia took place in Vilagarcía de Arousa (Pontevedra) for being where the first production bat of this mollusk was anchored in 1945. The first bat prototype had a single bucket-shaped float made of wood that supported an arbor also made of wood where a few meters of raw esparto rope were hung; They were years of continuous evolution of the structures and working methods until they reached the current trays, where the wooden drawers are covered with cement to extend their life with metal cable straps that help reinforce their structure and the esparto ropes were replaced by nylon ropes.

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