101 Thermomix recipes for cooking with children

Those who have this well-known home cooking robot, you will know that with it you can prepare many recipes suitable for the smallest of the house, that most of the time they are the ones who are more reluctant to try according to what dishes or ingredients. That's why we have compiled the best 101 recipes for children with Thermomix.

Children like to feel useful, that's why they will be delighted if you allow them to help you out in the kitchen, also taking advantage of the fact that they are still on vacation and that the school has not yet started. Even if there is an ingredient that you do not like too much, make an effort to try it if it is they who have cooked it themselves. Show them our following proposals and choose the one that suits you.

Recipes that are a prize

The recipes that we have grouped in this section are those with which you have the guaranteed success because a child would never disdain them, although some carry vegetables in their preparation. Try to make them for a special occasion, for example, letting them choose the dinner one night a week. On the recipes that we propose you can then make variations to adapt them to your tastes, much better if they are the ones that start the imagination to get a different version.

  • Serrano ham and vegetable ratatouille pizza

  • Nuggets

  • Green pizza

  • Russian salad

  • Turkey and avocado quesadillas

  • Omelette

Vegetable recipes that are attractive

You all know that vegetables are the big "enemies" of the little ones in the house, that's why you have to put a lot of imagination to try to accept them, many times camouflaging them so that they go unnoticed. The recipes that we leave below are a good example of how we can get it, although it will not be an easy task. The important thing is that they familiarize themselves with the different flavors of these and gradually become accustomed to being part of their daily diet.

  • Lasagna with broccoli, nuts and ricotta

  • Cordoba Salmorejo

  • Vegetable wellington

  • Broccoli Frittata with aromatic herbs

  • Vegetable Plum-Cake

  • Quick Vegetable Pie

  • Country salad

  • Andalusian gazpacho

  • Steamed broccoli with tahini and lemon dressing

Recipes for breakfast and special snacks

As we know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because it gives us the energy necessary to face the daily activity, something very important in children, who do not stop still for a minute. The same goes for the snack, the snack that helps them not to faint until dinner time. That is why we have chosen the most appetizing recipes so that you can easily make them with your Thermomix. You will enjoy seeing how much they like them!

  • Potato toñas

  • Brioche style rolls

  • Apple compote sponge cake

  • Wild Blackberry Jam

  • Orange and chocolate conch shells

  • Mini scones with parmesan and sesame cover

  • Steamed chocolate muffins

  • Village muffins

  • Pumpkin Muffins

  • Mojicones

Irresistible drinks

Summer is the best time of the year to prepare delicious cold drinks that help us withstand the heat better. With the Thermomix you can easily prepare refreshing recipes that everyone will like, both large and small, without adding other ingredients than the healthiest, such as fruits, milk or seeds. Do not hesitate to prepare the proposals that we leave below, they are totally addictive.

  • Smoothie with kiwi, avocado and pear

  • Tiger nut milk shake

  • Chocolate, dates and oatmeal smoothie

  • Meringue milk granita

  • Lemon Slush

  • Lime water with chia seeds

  • Strawberry, avocado and cheese smoothie

  • Oreo shake from VIPs

Different breads for snack sandwich

What would happen to a snack that didn't have a delicious sandwich? The Thermomix is ​​a great tool to get delicious bread doughs with which to make rolls for our children. The variations are so many that it is impossible to get bored of the same recipe. Go trying to see which ones they like best. You already know that once done, you can freeze them and then you will only have to take them out of the freezer before filling them with cheese, sausage, chocolate cream, jam, etc.

  • Wholemeal spelled and rye bread

  • Sliced ​​bread with kefir, whole wheat flour and seeds

  • Rye muffins and black beer

  • Bites of bread with cumin

  • Sweet potato muffins

  • Easy bread with sourdough

  • Tender rolls with cream cheese

  • Oil buns

  • Buns with poppy seeds

  • Mini rye buns

Meat and fish recipes with which you will succeed

The proteins they provide Meats and fish are necessary for a balanced diet. With the Thermomix you can prepare tasty recipes that will surely excite children as much as we do. Remember to let them participate in its elaboration, they will feel very "older" and surely they will not protest when it is time to taste their dish.

  • Stuffed Pork Loin

  • Garlic chicken with paprika

  • Squid with potatoes

  • Chili and meat

  • Garlic chicken breasts with paprika

  • Monkfish with prawns

  • Moroccan chicken with couscous

  • Salmon croquettes

Spoon desserts to flock the plate

As a reward when all tasks have been accomplished, or as an individual dessert after a special meal, spoon desserts, whether traditional as sky bacon or innovative as a red fruit mousse, are delicious. If you serve them in bowls or beautiful dishes you will give a festive air to that moment It will be unforgettable for the eyes of a child.

  • Cheese flan

  • Rice pudding

  • Tiramisu cups

  • Homemade Custard

  • Sky Bacon

  • Light red fruit mousse

  • Tiramisu

Cookie Recipes for Gluttony Attacks

Do you know any children who do not like cookies? Me neither. How good it is to carry them in your bag for some unforeseen event that may arise. The possibilities are so many that we could prepare a different recipe for each week of the year. Direct to the Palate we have many recipes for cookies with Thermomix that you will surely love, then we have collected the ones that seem most meaningful, it will surely cost you to decide which one you start with.

  • Chocolate Brownies Cookie

  • Amaretti

  • Orange Quinoa Cookies

  • Condensed milk and cornstarch cookies

  • Glass biscuits

  • Salted crackers with walnuts, parmesan and black olives

  • Red velvet cookies

  • Snowflake Cookies

Homemade ice cream recipes with which you will not need a refrigerator

If you have a Thermomix you do not need a refrigerator to prepare great ice cream, not only for the summer season. It's a great way for kids to eat fruit and also give them a lot of energy with what they are a snack or an ideal dessert for the little ones. Look for some attractive molds to take their form and remember to prepare them regularly, your children will thank you from the bottom of their hearts.

  • Mango and Orange Sorbet

  • Creamy chocolate and coffee ice cream

  • Lemon ice cream

  • Lime and Coconut Ice Cream

  • Cheesecake ice cream

  • Cherry and yogurt ice cream

  • Green tea ice cream

Tarts and cakes to lick the spoon

A cake or a cake It's a great way to celebrate a special day. It does not need to be a birthday or a significant party to have to prepare it, we can enjoy them as often as we want and your children will be happy to participate in its elaboration. Choose your favorite flavor, be it chocolate, cream or meringue and do not hesitate to give them this delicious surprise.

  • Cheesecake with quick cookie base

  • Condensed milk mousse cake

  • Pineapple and coconut mousse cake

  • White chocolate cake and oreo cookies

  • Pecan pie

  • Cordoba cake

  • Lemon and Meringue Cream Pie

  • Coulant style cheesecake

  • San Marcos cake

  • Mascarpone candy

  • Bizcoflan

  • Almond Chocolate Cake

  • Coconut Brownie

  • Oil Cake

  • San Prudencio cake

Fluffy sponge cake recipes

Getting a spongy and moist dough in a cake is not an easy task as it may seem a priori, but with the Thermomix it will be sewing and singing. The trick to get it is to air the dough, and that is easily achieved thanks to the butterfly that incorporates this kitchen robot. Enjoy the best snacks by choosing from one of the following biscuits and accompany them with a large glass of cold chocolate milk. Delicious!

  • Chocolate triple sponge cake

  • Sponge cake with apple and custard

  • Ultrafast Orange Sponge Cake

  • Chocolate wet sponge cake

  • Oreo biscuit cake

  • Apple compote sponge cake

  • Turkish black tea and cocoa cake

  • Piedmont hazelnut cake

  • Apple compote with cake topping

  • Carrot and almond biscuit or biscuit

  • Bollo Maimon

  • Chickpea and chocolate nut cake

  • Pineapple sponge cake

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