Broken eggs: classic recipe you always want

I am of the opinion that for very little hunger you have, some broken eggs (or crashed) always crave, because of such a humble ingredient, just by coming into contact with boiling oil, you get a delicious result that is impossible to resist. Although frying an egg is not an operation as simple as it may seem a priori, and not everyone dominates the frying technique.

Undoubtedly, the great promoter of crashed or broken eggs, has been for half a century, Lucio, in Madrid, that from his restaurant Casa Lucio has known how to praise this dish which, like many others, was the result of chance. As Lucio has said on numerous occasions, this dish was a creation of his grandmother, because every time he dropped an egg on the floor he picked it up and broke it on top of the potatoes.

In the late forties, Lucio Blázquez arrived in Madrid from Ávila and began working at the Mesón del Segoviano as an errand boy. At seventeen he was already the maitre, being the youngest in Spain. In 1975 the inn was renamed Casa Lucio and that was when became world famous (Through this establishment they have passed countless illustrious characters) through their broken eggs, consisting of breaking the eggs on top of the fries.

As we are not all willing to taste the broken eggs of Casa Lucio, I propose that we prepare them at home. Obviously we will not follow the steps of the inspiring grandmother of this recipe, but With only three ingredients we can achieve a deliciously spectacular result. Let's go with the recipe!


For 2 persons
  • Eggs 4
  • Potato 3
  • Extra virgin olive oil for frying

How to make broken eggs

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 30 m
  • Processing 30 m

We start peeling the potatoes and cutting them long. We put them in a bowl with plenty of water to remove the starch, so they will not stick when frying. We drain them and dry them well with a clean dishcloth.

We put olive oil in a pan over medium heat, when it is hot enough, add all the potatoes and let them do until they are tender. We raise the heat to the maximum and brown them lightly, not too much because if they are very crispy they will not absorb the egg well. Remove them with a slotted spoon and put them on a tray.

In that same pan, we remove oil until leaving only a few tablespoons. We raise the fire to the maximum. We lay the eggs and leave them for a minute that set the egg white. With great care and using a slotted spoon, we turn them over and put them on the potatoes. Now we just have to break them with the help of a fork and a spoon. Serve them immediately.

With what to accompany the broken eggs

In my opinion, the broken eggs They don't need any kind of accompaniment to enjoy them, if any salt, and if you don't have enough with the potatoes to dip the egg yolk, you can always add a good loaf of bread. A glass of red wine is not a bad proposal either.

But if you really want to experiment with some unusual accompaniment, We have several proposals that you will surely love and want to try right away. What do you think about prawns with pancha, or sobrasada, a foie foil, boletus, mushrooms or even a little grated truffle, not to mention the most common Iberian ham, chorizo, gulas or peppers. The possibilities are endless !, and we will be delighted that you send us your proposals.

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