A Canadian startup produces the world's first marijuana beer (with THC and without alcohol)

A group of scientists from an Ontario laboratory are experimenting with what, they say, is the The world's first marijuana beer

To date, numerous beers have been made with cannabis, but this popular plant for its narcotic effects was added as part of the process, after fermentation with cereals. "That's not what we do," he says in The guardian Dooma Wendschuch, responsible for Province Brands, the startup You are working on the new product. “Our beer It is made from stems and roots from the cannabis plant. ”

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Fermenting a beer from cannabis is not easy. "The things that were coming out were horrible," says the businessman. “They tasted like rotten broccoli”. But with the help of a chemist and trying different combinations of hops, water, yeast and cannabis they finally achieved a drinkable product.

Interestingly, what the company is looking for is to make a beer that you place thanks to marijuana, but in which alcohol is absent (as well as gluten). The result is like drinking a joint.

“The taste is dry, salty, less sweet than a typical beer flavor ”, says Wendschuch. "The beer rises very fast, which is not common for an edible marijuana."

Each beer contains 6.5 mg THC, It is not bad considering that a cannabis weed has about 18 mg.

A millionaire market

Around the world there are already foods and drinks that contain cannabis -in Spain we have, in fact, a wine that contains extracts of the plant-, but the presence of THC, the active principle that causes the narcotic effects, is always limited by law.

This story is very different. On October 17, Canada will become the second country in the world to legalize marijuana for recreational use (after the absolute pioneer, Holland) and, a year later, edible products containing THC may be sold. The company wants to have its creation ready by then, in what is expected to be a millionaire market full of cakes, cocktails and even honey with the famous drug.

As they explain in The guardian, Wendschuch, which is originally from Miami, He moved to Toronto in 2016 with the idea of ​​taking advantage of the pioneering Canadian legislation around marijuana: “I don't think there is another place in the world where we can do this business. Canada is already leading the world in creating a cannabis industry medicinal and we hope they continue to lead the world in trade and industry around cannabis for adults. ”

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The company also wants to take advantage of the incipient industry to the extent that its beer is made with a by-product of this: does not wear buds, only stems and roots. Although these have traditionally had great value as a textile, recreational marijuana varieties are not the best for this purpose, so they ended up in the landfill so far. "We take them out of the producer's hands, which saves them the cost of hiring an authorized disposal company to get rid of them," says Wendschuh.

The idea of ​​Province Brands is invest 50 million canadian dollars in the construction of the first marijuana brewer in the world where they hope to prepare a complete range of beverages with different flavors and varieties.

Wendschuh insists that its product will be safer and healthier than alcohol, although it recognizes that good, what is said good, is not: “Marijuana is not good for you and our beers are not good either. You should not take them five times a day, nor should you drink them first thing when you wake up in the morning. We are not saying that. ” But it can be an alternative to very lucrative alcohol and the company is determined to popularize it.

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