Operation Triumph for Chefs

While in Spain we are seeing how another season of the Operation Triunfo contest begins, in the United States they have been able to enjoy The Next Food Network Star.

The program began with eight finalists who competed for several weeks, to get a pretty suggestive prize; its own program on the Food Network during the next broadcast season.

In the qualifiers, the finalist chefs had to cook their own recipes from a theme they decided from the program, for example in the third episode the theme chosen was pizza and one of the ones that were prepared was as suggestive as this: Caramelized Onion and Duck Confit Pizza. (duck confit and caramelized onion pizza).

After passing through the hands of a specialized jury, the advice of other prestigious chefs and the popular vote of the public of the program, finally a couple of chefs who participated together have won the prize. They have been Dan & Steve with their Three Mushroom Tart recipe

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