This is what we will drink in 2018: Japanese gins, “caramelitos” and mead

Before the arrival of New Years Eve and let's embrace the alcohol as if the world were going to end, it is worth remembering that you can enjoy the drink without finishing like a louse. The fun is in quality and variety, and not in drinking the Nile and ending a huge hangover.

Although it seems that the fashion of gin tonic it will never end, and while we wait for the bubble of craft beers to explode, there are several trends in the world of alcohol It is worth reviewing. Maybe some afternoon to arrive in Spain, but surely we will soon have some of these drinks in hand.

Japanese gins

The quality of whiskey Japanese is well known among lovers of this drink, but the Japanese seem determined to try it also with gin, an industry in which the country has entered strongly. It is already possible to find gins from distilleries Suntory, Nikka and Kyoto, who have received great reviews. Although these are more or less standard recipes, the Japanese masters include the mixture of botanical aromas typical of the area, such as yuzu, green tea, cherry blossoms or Japanese pepper.

Wines of Jerez

According to the British newspaper The telegraph, the wines of Jerez will star this year a spectacular return to british bars, the one that was its biggest importer. But we think that its consumption will also grow in our country, where it is a marginal drink north of Despeñaperros. Classic wines such as fine, chamomile, amontillado, the fragrant or the chopped stick, are wonderful to take in the appetizer, and if they do not become fashionable again we should at least claim them.

The "caramelito"

Sweet cocktails have always existed, but from time to time it is increasingly common to find sweetened distillates, to the taste of the incipient drinkers millennials. In the bars of Madrid the “caramelito”, a glass of the Sevillian gin Puerto de Indias (with strawberry flavor), mixed with Sprite. To traditional drinkers this seems like a nursery, but it has tremendous success. 2018 will also bring us new mixes, such as a Red Velvet cake flavored vodka that will delight sweet cocktail lovers.


Mead (or mead) is one of the first alcoholic drinks who knew Humanity and is believed to be the precursor of beer. It is made from the fermentation of water and honey, and reaches between 10 and 15 degrees. Although it was popular among the Vikings and in the Middle Ages, it is currently only consumed in bars of heavys, preferably served in cow horns. We do not know if it is due to the Hipsters or Game of Thrones, the truth is that in Brooklyn the first mead bar has opened and it seems that we are going to live a return of this legendary drink that luckily was replaced by beer. Than Cthulhu We caught confessed.

Cocktails with infusions

There are cocktails of all kinds, but as explained in Forbes Barbara Sibley, creative director of the Holiday Cocktail Loungue, more and more are made with cold infusions: "Ginger and chia in a margarita, saffron in tequila, moringa with mint and turmeric in gin ... It is possible to make drinks that are fun and healthy."

Images | Pixabay / Dekanta / Tamorlan / Puerto de Indias / Valhalla Coruña / Pixabay
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