Christmas beers arrive in Spain: robust consistency, sweet flavors and guaranteed cogorza

Since the early twentieth century, the Belgian breweries They started to make a special beer, which they left in barrel since September and did not open until Christmas day. It was a beer with a high alcoholic graduation -a minimum of six and up to eleven degrees-, robust and very spicy, with ingredients such as cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, vanilla or anise.

The beer was made to give to factory employees, family and neighbors, and only surpluses were sold, which used to be very limited. But it soon became popular and, of course, it began to be manufactured in greater numbers.

In Spain, where there is hardly any beer tradition compared to our neighbors in the north, until a few years ago only these types of imported beers could be purchased, but for a while small and large factories are being encouraged to produce limited editions of Christmas beers, which we can find even in the supermarket.

These are the beers that you should not miss in this white (and alcoholic) Christmas:

Christmas Special Edition Cruzcampo

Made since 1983 In the factory of the Imora (Jaén), the Christmas Cruzcampo is the veteran of this list. This year's edition has been supervised by the brewmaster Miguel Jimenez and has a new bottle design.

As his tasting note explains, it is a golden amber beer with broken white foam. Its aroma is intense and special, fruit of the hops selection, and its new fermentation speed further enhances fruit aromas.

Chestnut beer from La Virgen

Authentic special Christmas beer, made in this Madrid factory, one of the most outstanding in the artisan world. It is a beer of high fermentation made through a unique process with roasted chestnuts on fire and peeled by hand, with smoky and maltory touches. It has 6.5 degrees.

Christmas star

The Rivera family has been developing a Christmas version of the Estrella Galicia since 2009, always with a different bottle design. Although it has nothing to do with Belgian Christmas beers (it is still a Lager) has more body than its conventional version. Highlights the malt and subtle toasted notes. It is bitter and of moderate warmth. It has a graduation of 5.7 degrees.

Damn's Christmas beer

In 2012, the Catalan brewery recovered the Christmas beer recipe that was made in the 50s to give to collaborators and friends. Since then it has been manufacturing it year after year, in a limited edition that stands out for its Exclusive design bottle.

Again we are facing a Lager version of Christmas beer, with a oak color with orange highlights and an aroma of great intensity, with a toasted chromatic layer. The foam is compact and bubbles live, fine and fast.

Images | Richard Elzey / Cruzcampo / Damn Star
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