Easy fish and seafood paella. Recipe

A good paella, a good cauldron rice or a rice band, are always appetizing, and more when we meet with the family. On holidays, it is common to resort to competitions with brothers-in-law, to see who makes the best rice dish, which sometimes does not go from being a rice with things, but sometimes as in the case of this Easy fish and seafood paella, we can cheer up the weekend.

Although I usually prefer a vegetable paella for these occasions or my fideuá express with their noodles raised greeting the diners, this time I opted for an infallible recipe for fish and seafood rice I recommend you try when you feel like a rice with an intense flavor and loose grain.

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For 4 people
  • Garlic cloves 1
  • Tomato Pear 1
  • Italian green pepper 1
  • Squid 150 g
  • Thin Clam 12
  • Swordfish (fillets) 1
  • Pump rice 300 g
  • Fish broth or fumet 1 l
  • Saffron to taste
  • King prawns 6

How to make easy fish and seafood paella

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 33 m
  • Elaboration 15 m
  • 18 m cooking
  • 10 m rest

To make our easy fish and seafood paellaIt is good that we have a good flavor broth, which we can have frozen in advance. I like to use morralla broth or shrimp broth, which is always good for these occasions.

We start chopping squid and fish, and brown them lightly. We reserve and in the same oil we brown a well chopped garlic, and add the tomato and the pepper leaving them to make a good stir-fry. We reintegrate the squid pieces and add the rice and the broth leaving over high heat until it boils. From broth, we calculate two and a half to three times the volume of rice.

We left cook over high heat for 8 minutes and lower it to a minimum, letting it cook for another 5 minutes. Add the clams, letting them open inside the paella, while the broth is consumed.

When the rice has been cooking for 18 minutes, we turn off the heat, we place the prawns or prawns and the pieces of swordfish and cover with a dishcloth, letting the rice rest for 10 minutes before serving.

With what to accompany a fish and seafood paella

These types of recipes are ideal for family weekend meals so it is best to accompany them with some snacks that we all like - croquettes, mussels, etc- and end with this Easy fish and seafood paella That will leave everyone delighted.