Tomato sandwich marinated with anchovies and ricotta cheese. Recipe

The more the temperatures rise, the more the body asks me for dishes with fresh tomato. Every time we find tastier tomatoes in the market and luckily there are a thousand ways to enjoy them and enhance their flavor. This Marinated tomatoes with anchovies and ricotta cheese sandwich It is perfect for a dinner with summer aromas, and you just have to remember to leave them marinating for a while before assembling the dish.

You can use the cherry tomatoes that you like best, I have opted for some mini kumato for their color and flavor so pronounced. Bread also depends on personal preferences; I have a weakness for rye but a ciabatta, baguette or even muffin would go great. Better to toast it a little so that the juices of the filling soften the crumb too much.


For 2 persons
  • Cherry tomato 150 g
  • Anchovies 8
  • Capers 30 ml
  • Extra virgin olive oil 50 ml
  • Modena Vinegar 30 ml
  • Ricotta 120 g
  • Lemon
  • Rye Bread 2
  • Ground black pepper

How to make tomato sauce marinated with anchovies and ricotta cheese

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 1 h
  • 1 hour elaboration

Start at least an hour before letting the tomatoes marinate, better even longer. Wash and dry well, cut into slices or in half and place in a bowl. Drain the anchovies slightly, chop and add with the capers to the tomatoes. Add some lemon juice and zest, oil and vinegar, a stroke of pepper and mix well. Let stand covered in the fridge.

Open the breads and toast lightly on the iron or with the toaster. Drain the ricotta and place a thin layer on the two bread bases. Spread the tomato and anchovy stuffing and top with a generous portion of ricotta. Add a little of the remaining marinade liquid, black pepper, paprika and lemon zest.

With what to accompany the tomato sandwich marinated with anchovies and ricotta

I like to prepare snacks like Eastern tomatoes marinated with anchovies and ricotta for a weekend dinner with nothing else, but it is also a good lunch, especially if we can enjoy it outdoors. If we want a side dish, fried or roasted potatoes or grilled vegetables will make a good couple. The tomato mixture could also be used to prepare toasts or canapés, or simply as a salad. It is advisable to let them temper a bit if we leave them marinating a long time in the fridge.