13 recipes to go around the world in the Picoteo del finde

One of the best things that the kitchen offers us is to be able to travel through flavors, aromas and textures. Today the gastronomic borders are getting closer and we are already familiar with many ingredients and dishes typical of other cultures. At Pecking of the weekend Today we propose to go on the road with 13 recipes to go around the world. Do you come with us?

In the same way that a Brit can mess it up with his version of one of our most national dishes, we also make international recipes adapting them to our style. I don't think that is a sin or a crime, the important thing is let yourself be inspired by other ways of cooking and bring to our table flavors and ingredients from different corners. And it can also be done in an aperitif version with a snack of the most traveler.

Olive all'ascolana or olives stuffed with escolana

Olives are one of those basic appetizer products that raise passions, but also hate those who do not like them so much. To me I am fascinated by the culture of the olive beyond oil, with so many varieties and the ritual of collecting and preparing them following artisanal procedures. The pleasure of picking some cured olives at home further elevates the experience.

But we can also prepare a different snack with purchased olives of good quality. In Italy, of course, there is also a great culture of the olive tree and this traditional recipe of stuffed olives to the Escolana is a good example. Meat, egg, vegetables and cheese are mixed to create a tasty filling before batting the olives and frying them in an addictive bite.

Spicy Risotto Samosas

Rate this recipe fusion cuisine the same is to go a little far, but the important thing is that you are private dumplings They are very good. You know that samosas are an Indian specialty typical of street food, usually triangular, fried or baked. The important thing is that they are very crispy and can be eaten with your hands.

In this recipe for spicy risotto samosas we connect again with Italian cuisine to reuse leftovers of the typical rice dish. Combining it with a spicy sauce to taste we have the perfect dough to fill the brick packets. It is best to enjoy them freshly made, perhaps with some selection of dipping sauces, although they are very juicy with nothing else.

Fish acras

If you have never heard of fish acras, do not worry, because if you try them they will become a regular recipe in your repertoire. It is a specialty of the island of Guadalupe in the Caribbean, similar to some fish fritters with a spicy touch that cause addiction at snack time.

They are usually prepared with cod, a fish that lends a lot to this type of recipes, but can be used some other species of crumbled white fish, like hake. The key to making them delicious is to master the frying technique well and serve them instantly, hot and freshly made, to enjoy its rich crunchy texture.

Sesame tuna with ponzu sauce

We continue through Asia heading now to Japan With an appetizer full of oriental flavors. Ponzu sauce refers to the citrus juice mix, which is usually combined with soy sauce when cooking or serving different dishes with it. It can be found in oriental stores but it is very simple to create a homemade version.

Served in teaspoons, sesame tuna with ponzu sauce is a tasty snack that everyone will like and perfectly paired with a good beer. They can be taken at once to create that explosion of flavors in the mouth or taste each piece of fish calmly using Asian chopsticks.

Deviled eggs

The deviled eggs They are a classic American pecking that have already crossed borders. Its peculiar name is because the filling of this egg recipe is spicy, always to the taste of the cook and the level of tolerance of the guests. If you love passionate food, do not cut yourself by adding spicy dressings at your own risk.

Evil eggs are an interesting alternative to the typical stuffed egg tapas, but it keeps the same essence simple, humble and addictive. Remember don't cook too much the eggs so that the yolk does not take that little attractive greenish color, and also they will come out much more tasty.

Bombay Potatoes

That lifeguards are potatoes when it comes to offering a rich and appetizing snack, and how versatile and grateful. Few people will reject good bravado, but to not always stay in the same we can travel a little by adding a good combination of spices looking for aromas from India.

The name of this Bombay potato recipe leaves no doubt about the inspiration of its flavors. The preparation consists in preparing a very aromatic and spicy sauce with a tomato and curry base with which the previously baked potatoes are impregnated. You will love it if you like dishes full of exotic flavors.

Caprese bruschettas

We return to the beautiful and tasty Italy with a light, quick and fresh recipe to prepare in a hurry or urgent hunger attack. The bruschetta It is a version of our toasts, I would say in a medium or large format - to differentiate them from crostini - and that it admits almost any flavor that comes to mind.

The caprese flavors everyone always likes us and they transfer us in every bite to our favorite Italian corners, even if their original name refers specifically to Capri. Good bread, tasty tomatoes, fresh basil and quality mozzarella are the key ingredients of these bruschettas a la caprese.

Prawns and mango nems

It is clear that if you like street food and pecking with your hands, your destination is in Asia. Now let's go to Vietnam to discover one of their most popular dishes, nems or rolls with rice paper. They can be found in many different flavors, filled with vegetables, meat, fish, fruits and seafood.

In this recipe of shrimp and mango nems we have a delicious and very fresh combination, which we can serve with some sauce to our taste to dip. He crunchy contrast The freshly fried dough with the juicy and light filling is a delight that no guest can resist.

Nachos with chicken and bacon

The Mexican Kitchen It is already a classic resource when we want to prepare an aperitif or casual and festive snack food. Among the most popular options are, without a doubt, the nachos, of which today there are versions with a thousand flavors and ingredients all over the world.

Preparing some good nachos is not difficult, you just have to have good ingredients, do not be scratchy with the sauce and find the balance with the rich corn triangles. In this recipe we do not complicate, the nachos with chicken and bacon will disappear from the table in the blink of an eye. He crow's beak It helps to give a fresh touch that harmonizes all flavors well.

Biof Salad

Don't you love discovering variants of our most typical dishes in other countries? In this case we have the Romanian version of the Russian salad, a classic among the pecking hour classics. As Murcia I am, for me there is nothing like a good sailor, but you have to recognize that to vary a little this alternative does not sound bad.

The big difference of the Biof salad recipe is that it is prepared with chicken meat instead of tuna, and pickles are added to the ingredient mix. The amount of mayonnaise can be adjusted to taste and we can serve it in individual portions, with bread or toast peaks, etc.


It's funny, the years go by and I still remember that futsal player with this particular name. But beyond the anecdote, the truth is that the recipe of Pica-Pau has remained in my repertoire when I prepare a snack for carnivorous diners, who usually devour it.

It is a kind of cover of Pork with pickles typical of Portugal, where these products are highly appreciated at snack time or as an entree. It can be served in casseroles so that each person eats meat and vegetables by combining them to their liking.

Gordon Ramsay's Welsh toasts

If we used to talk about toast with bruschettas, now we go back to retake bread with the British version in these appetizing toasts, with a recipe that goes far beyond a simple toast. They are a blunt but very comforting snack, perfect for pecking these winter days and that we can serve with a glass of wine.

Gordon Ramsay's Welsh toasts are made from a roux that continues with beer, Worcesterhire sauce and Cheddar cheese. It is important to use good bread, not skimp on the quality of cheese and serve them freshly made to appreciate all the texture and flavor in its splendor.

Baklava with goat cheese and fig jam

The original version of these cupcakes is a very sweet dessert filled with nuts and honey, but if you like them taste contrasts You have to try this alternative recipe. The phyllo dough is perfect for making small bites like these thanks to its delicate crunchy texture that allows any type of filling.

Baklava with goat cheese and fig jam offers a contrast of sweet and savory flavors that combine wonderfully well. You just have to keep in mind that you should serve hot or warm, but in just half an hour we can have this delicious snack with Turkish or Middle Eastern airs ready.

Coixinhas de frango

Last summer we made a small foray into the Brazilian gastronomy on the occasion of the World Cup, and it is worth rescuing some of those recipes. Also there are fans of pecking and street food, with options as rich as these coixinhas de frango or Brazilian muslitos, based on chicken.

Similar to our croquettes, coixinhas are a very tasty snack that combines that addictive mixture of Crispy and golden exterior with creamy filling. Encourage them to try them because they will surely love everyone at home, and you can pair them on the appetizer table with your favorite homemade croquettes recipe.

How was the trip? I hope you liked the international tour with these recipes to go around the world in the Pecking of the weekend. Next week we will get fully into the month of December, so it will be one of my colleagues who will come with new proposals for the appetizer. Enjoy the weekend!