Thai cream of prawns and coconut. Exotic recipe with and without Thermomix

The mixture of flavors that are produced in Thai cuisine is very characteristic and makes us transport to very distant landscapes. If you are looking for exotic reminiscences this Thai shrimp and coconut cream you will love it

The quantity of the ingredients is a bit indicative, that is why you can increase or decrease them according to your personal tastes, although I advise you not to do without any because the conjunction of all of them is what gives charm to this dish.


For 6 people
  • Cooked, peeled and split prawns in three pieces 500 g
  • Lemon grass chopped 5 g
  • Peeled fresh ginger 20 g
  • Onion chopped 100 g
  • Coconut milk 800 g
  • Peeled and chopped mushrooms 120 g
  • Fish sauce 35 g
  • Lime juice 25 g
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • Ground black pepper
  • Fresh chopped coriander, one tablespoon

How to make Thai shrimp and coconut cream

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 30 m
  • Processing 30 m

If we use Thermomix, we put the lemno grass, ginger, onion and coconut milk in the glass. Crush 15 sec / vel 7. Add the mushrooms, fish sauce, lime juice, sugar and pepper. We program 15 min / 100º / vel 1. Crush 1 minute / vel 7. Add the prawns and mix 15 sec / vel 2.

If we don't use Thermomix, Stir the onion in a casserole dish with a little oil, add coconut milk, lemon gras, ginger, mushrooms, fish sauce, lime juice, sugar and pepper, and simmer 15 minutes. We crush with an arm mixer. Add the prawns and stir.

With what to accompany the Thai cream of coconut milk and prawns

If you intend to prepare this coconut milk and shrimp thai cream recipe in advance, avoid mixing the prawns if you are not going to take it immediately, it is better to add them at the last moment, after having already warmed the cream, in this way they will be more whole and their consistency will be more pleasant to the mouth.