Homemade jam of yellow tomatoes. Recipe to brighten breakfast

Every time we find more varieties of tomato in the market and the yellow tomatoes on the branch have loved me since the first time I saw them. I like to buy them both to make salads and to prepare this Homemade jam of yellow tomatoes with which I plan to rejoice breakfast in the coming weeks.

If you look at the collage photo below, you will see that this variety of yellow tomato It looks very similar to plums. The taste is obviously not so sweet, but they have such a low acidity and are so juicy that they remind me a lot of that fruit so I dared to prepare this jam with them, perfect to occasionally replace the classic grated tomato in the breakfast.


For 6 people
  • Tomato (yellow, cherry or large) 500 g
  • Sugar 250 g

How to make homemade yellow tomato jam

Difficulty: Medium
  • Total time 30 m
  • 30 m cooking

In this type of jams we do not seek so much sweetness as in other varieties, and as We want to significantly reduce the amount of sugar compared to industrial jams, we will use half the sugar that the weight of the fruit, in this case tomato.

As the tomatoes I used weighed 460 grams, I put 230 g of sugar. You can use the same proportion of half sugar than tomato To make your jam. We put the tomatoes cut in quarters in the high pan and add the sugar. We let it cook to a minimum watching so that it does not catch and stirring occasionally.

After about twenty minutes, the tomato has released all the water, it has practically evaporated at 50% and a syrup has been formed with the incorporated sugar and the fructose of the fruit. It's time to Squeeze the tomatoes against the edges of the pan with a wooden spoon to squeeze them a little more and then proceed to crush them with the minipimer or the Thermomix.

One time crushed jam, we keep it in airtight boats. With this amount comes a large jar or two small ones, enough to prepare many breakfasts and to try it with other dishes such as cheese salads, chicken breast sauces, pork tenderloin or even with blue fish. The contrast of this sauce with these foods is surprising and delicious.

With what to accompany the homemade jam of yellow tomatoes

The Homemade jam of yellow tomatoes is perfect to take in homemade loaf toast at breakfast time but it also goes very well in combination with salty foods providing a very interesting contrast. It is also fun to put a little at the bottom of the dish in which you serve a vegetable cream so that the diners discover with surprise the sweet taste that hides your dish. You will tell me what else you use it for.

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