So you can set up an amazing ice cream buffet at home

We all love that moment of pleasure that comes with tasting good ice cream, but there is something that can turn the experience into something much better: do it in good company. Enjoying the summer dessert par excellence surrounded by friends and family gives us the opportunity to have a fun time sharing our sweet passion. Therefore, what better than these summer months to assemble an ice cream buffet at home surprising. Do you want to know how to do it?

Dessert tables and bars are a trend in celebrations and events of all kinds, from weddings and birthdays to baptisms. Now fashion has come to the world of ice cream with buffets at home, very original and fun parties in which ice creams are the main protagonists. Encourage yourself to prepare your own by inviting young and old and you will see how the success of the summer will be.

What is an ice cream buffet?

Also called ice cream party or ice cream bar Due to its Anglo-Saxon origin, an ice cream buffet consists in bringing the concept of food served as a free buffet to the ice cream universe. The idea is to offer the guests a selection of different flavors and complements so that each one can be served to his pleasure, giving the possibility to personalize it completely.

The great advantage of this system is that you do not have to decide what flavor to choose if you want to serve ice cream at your party, you can present as many as you want without fear of not getting it right. Everyone likes ice cream but everyone has their preferences, also in the way of serving it, in the size of the portions, toppings, etc. In an ice cream buffet everything is allowed And the fun thing is to be able to try many different combinations.

What we need: the most basic

As in any celebration, it is convenient plan ahead the space that we will need depending on the guests. Another point in favor of this type of event is that there is no imposition of sitting, we want it to be a fun and dynamic party, with freedom of movement. That is why we can leave open spaces and join the main table to a wall that, of course, should have a very prominent position, almost like an ice cream altar. It can be any table, better if it is rectangular and not too high, in case there are children.

Once you have your surface ready for the buffet, the only necessary and essential are ice cream and utensils to serve it But we can not forget that the ice cream begins to melt and lose texture since it comes into contact with the room temperature, especially in summer. To keep it perfect, we will need some fountains, cubes or beakers of metal or glass filled with ice, chopped or in large cubes. We will place the ice cream tubs inside and they will endure in perfect conditions without problems.

Varied and original kitchenware

When choosing the kitchenware, there is the option to choose a special disposable tableware for parties. They are very practical especially in mass events or if there are many children among the guests, since it does not matter if they break and you do not have to wash anything later. In addition, there are very beautiful models for all tastes, decorated with cheerful colors, drawings and thematic shapes to give a more original touch to the party. You also have the original ideas that we have given you to present the ice cream in a different way with which to surprise.

Whether or not disposable, it is best to offer various formats of cups, tubs, plates and fountains, with different sizes and shapes. Do not forget to include many colored teaspoons, enough spoons or serving shovels and a good load of festive napkins. The cones and cones They are very well presented in a special stand or simply stacked on a pretty tray, and you will have to include small jars or fountains to place the toppings.

Ice cream: the great protagonist

An ice cream buffet without ice cream would not make much sense, so you have to arrange it to get all the attention of the party. It is important to present a good variety of flavors, such as the Carte D'Or range that offers options for all tastes. As a basic selection, they cannot be missing classic flavors like vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, to which we will add some fresh and fruity flavor like lemon sorbet, completing the menu with special flavors such as stracciatella, brownie, tiramisu or salted caramel.

As we have already mentioned, the ice cream must be presented within pretty containers full of ice so that it retains all its qualities during the duration of the party. If it is not very hot and the party is indoors, you can uncover the tubs to tempt the guests with their creamy content. If temperatures tighten or we are outdoors, there is no problem, the tapas will help each diner quickly identify their favorite flavor. Get next a bowl with warm water To clean the serving spoons, it will also help to get perfect balls.

The choice of toppings

At Summer space Carte D'Or We have already commented on some of the toppings that we can add to our ice cream, and at a buffet party we are allowed to play with almost infinite possibilities. It is the most fun part, experimenting with many ingredients to our liking, so it is convenient to offer a good selection. It is best that there are several types of toppings: Crispy, sweet, creamy and other healthier and fresher. These are the indispensable ones, but you can let your imagination fly:

  • Fresh fruit
  • Cereals and muesli
  • Nuts, almonds and other nuts
  • Grated or flaked coconut
  • Colored sprinkles
  • Chopped chocolate or chips
  • Chopped biscuits
  • Caramel sauce
  • Fruit sauces
  • Melted chocolate
  • Jelly beans and clouds
  • Honey and syrups

Details that make the difference

To turn the ice cream buffet into an unforgettable party, you can add some details that will make a difference in the memory of all the guests. In addition to taking care of the utensils and the quality of ice cream, you can pay attention to the decoration with original touches, like a garland of colored ice cream cones, place a blackboard with the ice cream “menu of the day” written in a beautiful letter, or place small posters and flags on the table as indicative of each ingredient. The flowers also look great and give a cooler and summery air, and we can complete the buffet with some homemade drinks and desserts, like cookies or brownies.

It can also be very original to include letters or cards with suggestions of flavors for the most undecided, to encourage guests to venture to try new combinations, even baptizing creations with funny names. And if we organize a contest among all those present? Who is encouraged can propose their combination of ice cream flavors and toppings. At the end of the party you can taste the creations and vote a winner.

Summer is the ideal time to relax and share good times at home with friends and family, especially if we have children at home. You don't have to get very complicated with big events to create unforgettable memories, and A homemade ice cream buffet can be a deliciously fun experience. Do you dare to organize yours?

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