Recipes for a summer night and brownie-cheese cake to suck your fingers on the weekly menu from June 6 to 12

Although officially summer has not yet arrived, in many areas it is already quite hot to open the summer season and, with it, all those dinners on the terrace. Therefore This weekly menu has many recipes for a summer night, and the occasional dessert that will make our tears jump.

We will start with a delicious tomato and anchovy cake, which proclaims itself perfect for a summer dinner, but it is not the only thing we have prepared.

We will continue for a refreshing potato salad with seeds, spices and yogurt, which can never be missing in this type of dinner, although for fresh, a cold cream of carrots and mango.

As a brooch, and so that we never run out of ideas, here you have a selection of 21 cold recipes to organize a snack at home and not stay locked in the kitchen.

Of course, if you are looking for something a little more blunt, you also have to choose, both meat and fish:

Finally, we reach our dear sweets and desserts, which this week are very varied, and among which it stands out a recipe for the sweet tooth: brownie cheesecake.

See you next week!